Enjoy Euro with Vivo Y53s: large screen, huge battery capacity with technology to expand RAM to 11GB

 Equipped with expanded RAM, pioneering in the segment

If you are looking for a mid-range smartphone with a huge configuration, the Vivo Y53s is a must-see. The machine can open 15 applications continuously at the same time without lag or causing "inhibition" during the experience. All thanks to the expanded RAM feature of up to 11GB, the operation of RAM will be lighter and less overloaded to help limit heating and limit other effects on the hardware involved. With this new technology, Vivo has solved the slowness or decreased sensitivity to glide after a long time of use thanks to the proactive addition of RAM capacity to the device. Users can be both entertaining, working, learning ... spoilt for smooth use of multitasking tasks.

This makes the Vivo Y53s capable of processing information not inferior to high-end models, leaving competitors in the same segment far behind when usually only owning 8GB of RAM. This is the first time Vivo has been equipped with expanded RAM on a mid-end smartphone, usually this feature is dedicated to flagships such as the recently launched Vivo X60 Pro (priced at nearly VND 20 million).

Tận hưởng Euro với vivo Y53s: màn hình lớn, dung lượng pin khủng kèm công nghệ mở rộng RAM đến 11GB - 2

Y53s also has 2 exclusive gaming modes: Multi Turbo 5.0 and Super Game Mode that display HDR+ images, minimizing lag while avoiding being disturbed while playing the game.

Large screen, huge battery capacity with supercharging mode

The "supergiant" screen is also one of the strengths of Y53s besides the huge configuration. It can be said that it is currently difficult to find any smartphone in the same segment that can cover the Vivo Y53s in terms of the size of the screen - 6.58 inches, using a multi-color high-end IPS LCD panel. With high resolution, the color displays lively, sharp, while reducing the glare caused by ambient light sneezing into the screen. Along with the wide view, you will always enjoy the top combat with incredibly vivid, attractive image quality.

Y53s is also equipped with a "giant" 5,000mAh battery to help the owner stay connected and enjoy the experience. You can play the game continuously for 7 hours or watch videos continuously for 14 hours without fear of interruptions. Besides, 33W fast charging helps the battery fill 70% in just 41 minutes, the charging time is shortened to the maximum, eliminating the hassle of waiting too long to charge the battery.

Tận hưởng Euro với vivo Y53s: màn hình lớn, dung lượng pin khủng kèm công nghệ mở rộng RAM đến 11GB - 3

The battery level is "tremendous" and the fast charging mode for you to balance out 2 consecutive football matches within 4 hours without fear of "running out" of energy.

Standard 64MP camera with EIS vibration protection

The 3-camera cluster, with 64MP resolution of the main camera, also makes the Vivo Y53s one of the bright mid-range photography smartphones. In particular, Y53s also possesses EIS electronic vibration resistance, which is also a prominent upgrade of Y53s, the image quality is, therefore, more professional and impressive. In addition, EIS also helps the frame sharpen, making you more confident when shooting movies and videos anywhere, anytime.

Tận hưởng Euro với vivo Y53s: màn hình lớn, dung lượng pin khủng kèm công nghệ mở rộng RAM đến 11GB - 4

vivo Y53s is a powerful assistant for creative young people anytime, anywhere

The good news for young people who love technology is that Vivo Y53s is having an attractive hot sale program in Mobile World. Specifically, when ordering Vivo Y53s (8GB + 3GB RAM + 128GB ROM) from June 18th to June 20th, customers can immediately reduce VND 300,000 and the option to pay 0% interest ins installments. The machine will be on the shelves at Mobile World with the price of VND 6,990,000 and 2 color options: Multi-Color Blue, Deep Sea Blue. Do not miss the opportunity to fully enjoy this year's Euro season through the Vivo Y53S smartphone with a large screen, huge battery capacity, and supercharging mode for time spent on the gas.

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