Facebook is designing a smartwatch with dual camera that could arrive in 2022


It seems that Facebook is still determined to bet heavily on hardware. After landing in the world of virtual reality and smart speakers, it seems that now it's the turn of smartwatches, and their first design could arrive in as little as a year.

As the Verge has advanced, one of the star features of this new smartwatch will be its dual-camera system: one on the back, which will feature 1080p resolution and autofocus, and another on the front, oriented to video calls.

Mark Zuckerberg's plan seems clear: that thanks to this system it will be easier and faster to share the photographs and videos of the watch between the most popular applications of the company, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook, and that users invest more time in these platforms instead of those of the competition. Not to mention all the data you can collect with such a device, of course.

The watch will support LTE connectivity and will come in 3 colors: white, black, and gold. The Anglo-Saxon media The Information could also corroborate that the smartwatch will come with the Android operating system, although Facebook does not rule out trying its luck with its operating system in the future.

It's no secret that Facebook will also be looking at how to integrate it with its augmented reality glasses— a technology it's also investing a lot of time and effort in.

It's still too early to determine how much the device will cost, though several company employees argue it could be around $400. If Facebook's plans don't suffer unexpected delays, the first design of the watch is expected to arrive in the summer of 2022.

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