Finally WhatsApp will not remove features if you have not accepted the terms of use (at least for now)


After comings and goings, the new conditions of use of WhatsApp have already been implemented, although there are still users who have not accepted them. But all of them, will not suffer changes in the application, after all, so confirms the WhatsApp support page

WhatsApp confirms its new change, of course, it will not limit the functions of the application for those who have not accepted the new conditions of privacy and use. They ensure that the majority of users have seen this update and have agreed to the change in the warning message.

The new conditions were announced in January surrounded by strong criticism, so the company decided to delay the updated date until May 15 and has been forced to create information campaigns on social networks to counter the hoaxes that circulated aggravating the discontent of users.

When the time came, on May 15, this change was integrated into the messaging application by which users had to give their permission so that WhatsApp could share certain personal information with Facebook. If this change was not accepted, a month ago WhatsApp's intentions were to restrict the functions of users who did not agree, a punishment in which the company has backtracked.

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It seems that everything will remain the same for all users, both those who have accepted and those who have not. Following the statement released last week by Computer Today, now the WhatsApp support page has been updated with this latest change and is clearer on the procedure the company will follow: "Most users who saw the update accepted it. For those who have not yet done so, we will continue to display a notification on WhatsApp in which we offer more information about it and remind them to review and accept it."

The intention of the app last month was that users who did not accept the new conditions would see its features disappear, could not send messages, read received, or make calls among other things. Now WhatsApp rectifies at this point and confirms in a statement that "we do not plan to make these reminders persistent or limit the functionality of the app".

WhatsApp mentioned in the statement the "recent discussions" they have had with "various authorities and privacy experts," referring to criticisms made by governments such as that of Germany, Turkey, and India. The new rules have not sat very well and in the European Union, they have been limited by the pressure of the GDPR law.

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