Honor phones are used by Google services

Điện thoại Honor sẽ được dùng dịch vụ Google trở lại. Ảnh: Gsmarena

Once no longer owned by Huawei, Honor's smartphone is about to be fully integrated with Google services again represent Honor said it was undergoing a Play Protect security review of Google. Software versions are also tested for compatibility to ensure that Google Play Service (GMS) apps run well on Honor devices.

"Honor compatible devices will receive GMS compatible updates," Honor's message said. However, it did not specify whether older devices already on the market would be updated to support GMS.

Leaving the parent company Huawei is considered the way "cicadas escape the body" of Honor. The company is no longer banned by the US from accessing a wide range of core technologies as with Huawei, so it can continue to use Android with full features.

Low-cost phone brand Honor was acquired by Zhixin New Information Technology - a coalition that includes China Digital and the Shenzhen city government for $15.2 billion late last year. Huawei handed over to the buyer honor-related assets, including trademark rights, R&D as well as supply chain. Zhixin New Information Technology is a newly established company, which currently owns about 30 agents.

Honor is a sub-brand towards the low-cost segment launched by Huawei in 2013. However, it quickly became China's most popular brand with sales of 70 million units per year. According to Huawei, Honor generated more than $10 billion in revenue and accounted for about 28 percent of all Huawei's machines shipped in the first half of 2020, according to IDC.

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