Human existence, may be barred by aliens? Artificial radio waves, 29 planets can be received


Human existence, aliens? 29 planets are available

Are there 29 planets near the solar system that can notice the existence of earth and receive radio waves issued by humans? A team from Cornell University and other companies published such estimates in the British scientific journal Nature on Thursday. It is said, "Our existence may have already been made an intelligent life like a man".

More than 4,400 "exoplanets" have been found so far orbiting stars other than the Sun. Human beings are exploring the absence of intelligent life on such planets, but the team thought it might have been discovered.

First, within 100 light-years of receiving artificial radio waves, we decided to estimate how many planets would have the liquid water necessary for the existence of life.

The team focused on the "transit method", which uses the slightly darker brightness of a star as it crosses in front of it to look for exoplanets. From a three-dimensional map of the Milky Way, we found that there are 75 stars within 100 light-years of the Sun, located where we can observe the Earth blocking the sun's light.

Based on previously known exoplanet statistics, they concluded that there are a total of 29 planets with liquid water in 75 stars.

About 100 years have passed since humans began using radio waves, so artificial radio waves have already reached these 29. In addition, the team noted that "we may already know that life exists on earth" because transit methods can be used to see that the earth has an atmosphere and that its components are oxygen and nitrogen.

In 1974, the Arecibo Telescope in Puerto Rico sent radio waves to a cluster of stars 25,000 light-years away. However, some disagree because such attempts "reach unfriendly people" (the late Dr. Stephen Hawking). The paper,, shows that even if human beings do not actively try to contact them, they may be informed of their existence. (Tetsuya Ishikura)

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