Investigates Apple's Germany Market Power

New York– Germany on Monday announced the opening of an investigation into U.S. tech giant Apple to determine whether the iOS operating system of its iPhone smartphones has hindered free competition to its rivals.

The Federal Antitrust Office thus joins the growing scrutiny in the European Union (EU) of large technology companies, such as Google or Amazon, for their practices in the areas of competition and data protection.

In particular, the authorities want to check whether the iOS operating system, which exclusively controls the entire "ecosystem" of apps around the iPhone, works in accordance with competition regulations.

The investigation will also cover other contentious issues such as the magnitude of Apple's technological and financial resources, and access to private information.

"An 'ecosystem' that spans multiple markets could be an indication that a company has that position. Other companies often find it very difficult to challenge such a position of power," the regulator argued in a statement.

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Investigates Apple's Germany Market Power

It will also delve into the operation of the App Store, the store where apps are downloaded and audiovisual content is purchased, after receiving complaints from "several companies," the German agency said.

"A key point of the investigation will be the operation of the App Store because in many cases it allows Apple to influence the business activities of third parties," federal Antitrust Bureau President Andreas Mundt said in a statement.

Apple said in statements to the US newspaper The Wall Street Journal that it is willing to discuss its approach with the German regulatory body and start a dialogue on any issue.

The US company currently has several competition proceedings open in the EU, such as the one that analyzes whether it abuses its position on music applications by requiring them to integrate its payment system.

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