Is the Mercedes-AMG Project One coming virtual rather than real?

What comes before: the Mercedes-AMG Project One in real life, or in the virtual world? That's the question now playing as the long-awaited Public Road Formula One car makes its appearance in the racing game Forza Horizon 5.

Yesterday Playground Games announced that it was coming up with a new game in the popular Forza Horizon series. The fifth part of the open-world racing game is set in beautiful Mexico. Even now, gamers can get back to work with hundreds of cars, from compact cars to hypercars (and even cars that aren't street legal). The beloved social aspect of the game is now even greater and the weather system has also been addressed. For example, you can expect heavy rain in spring and in the jungle, while sandstorms can also pass by.

There is more good news for the car fan: the tuning options are now even more extensive. Whereas in the first few games of this series that were still particularly limited to under the hood (and here and there a stray rear wing that felt out of place), you will now be able to adjust even more external features of some cars.

Mercedes-AMG One

Mercedes-AMG Project One

One of the stars of the trailer is the Mercedes-AMG Project One. That hypercar was announced years ago, but the automaker kept delaying the market launch. Many even wondered if the car would ever make it to the production stage. That seems to be happening now because Mercedes finally announced the car last year. However, the model can already be seen in the trailer and in the photos posted here, while the production version is only shown as a camouflage model in the real world.

In 2017, Mercedes-AMG announced that it was going to build a hypercar based on its Formula 1 car. The heart of that car is a 1.6-liter V6 that comes from Formula One- coupled with no fewer than four electric motors. Two electric motors drive the front wheels, the other two are with the fuel engine (at the crankshaft and at the turbo).

The six-cylinder produces more than 680 hp and is helped by the electric motors, each of which also delivers 163 hp. The system power thus amounts to 1000 hp. The top speed is therefore above 350 km/h. In all-electric mode, the Mercedes-AMG Project One can drive about 25 kilometers. The manufacturer is building 275 copies, all of which have already been sold.

Mercedes-AMG Project One

Problems with Project One

Still, the production proved trickier than thought. A big problem was the fact that the V6 made 5000 rpm stationary. Acceptable at the line during F1, not if you're stuck in traffic on the highway. Moreover, in that case, Project One would not be able to pass the emission and sound tests. That issue was resolved at the end of 2019.

There were also some problems with starting the engine. Because Lewis Hamilton, of course, doesn't start his F1 car with a start button next to his steering wheel. In that case, an external starter motor is coupled to the car with which the whole is brought up to speed and can therefore start. The oil is also preheated in an F1 bolide before starting the engine. Clumsy for a streetcar, so that too was a challenge for Mercedes-AMG.

What comes sooner?

This year it really has to happen. But the question then is whether we first see the version in the real world or at least the virtual world. Forza Horizon 5 will hit shelves on November 9. For Xbox Gamepass owners, the latest Horizon is to play Xbox One, Xbox Series S, or X (if you've already managed to get your hands on it) or Windows 10 from day one. Should Mercedes-AMG want to introduce Project One to the real world first, it must come up with good news within a considerable time.

What is Forza Horizon?

The first Forza Horizon game dates back to 2o12. It was the Valhalla for the car fan. Gamers could choose from a wide variety of cars on their Xbox 360 to drive through colorado's beautiful surroundings. A fictional festival was central to that game. Gamers were able to turn their speakers into full use as they took on their competitors in street races.

Since the first edition in the United States, the car fan has been able to enjoy Southern Europe, Australia, and most recently in Horizon 4 of Great Britain. Paid content also allowed you to tear on Hot Wheels tracks in Horizon 3 and get into your favorite Lego Speed Champions cars, including the Bugatti Chiron, in Horizon 4. Over the years, the entire list of cars has expanded from 209 in the first to more than 600 in the fourth part.

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