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Messenger users (from Facebook) in the United States have from today the possibility to use QR codes for payments (sending and requests for money) in the application by using the payment system of the giant of social networks, Facebook Pay.

This is a feature that Facebook had been working on for a few months, as was seen throughout this spring so that it now becomes a reality through what is the most widely used messaging application in the United States.

The most interesting thing is that it will not be necessary to become a Facebook friend to enable the transfer of money between individuals, which opens the doors to a multitude of initiatives within the platform.

Its operation is similar to other payment services between individuals, although its orientation does not seek to be the competition of other services, at least for the moment.

Facilitating the experience with a similar operation to other apps

By entering the "Facebook Pay" section in the configuration options, users will have their respective personalized QR codes, in which their avatars will appear in the central part.

Below their codes, they will also have their corresponding links, of the type "". By the way, users will also find their corresponding QR codes in the main Facebook application, in the Facebook Pay section that will have the top carousel.

They will be able to disseminate both their codes and their links, as they see fit when claiming payments from other users of the platform for different concepts, working all in the same application, without the need for downloads and installation of other applications.

As requirements for the use of the payment function, it will be necessary that users are at least 18 years old, have a Visa or Mastercard debit card, or a PayPal account, or one of the accepted prepaid cards or government-issued cards, although if they add several options, they must define the one that will be set as the default.

Interestingly, they will also need to set the US dollar as the preferred payment currency. Will this mean that I could ever jump into the international territory? maybe yes, although for now, everything remains among Facebook users in the United States.

This is the main novelty, although Facebook also brings a quick response bar function to respond to any image or video without having to return to chat, in addition to bringing new visual themes.

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