Microsoft employees slept in data centers during the pandemic

While most companies in the world telecommuted or sent their employees home during the coronavirus (Covid-19)pandemic to prevent further contagion, Microsoft kept its employees sleeping in data centers during confinement.

This decision was made because some of the employees of Microsoft, given the isolation and importance of their jobs, were afraid of getting stuck at some point and not being able to complete their way from home to work and vice versa.
"I heard amazing stories about people actually sleeping in data
centers. In certain countries there was a big hurdle, so our own employees chose to sleep in the data center because they were worried about getting stuck in an obstacle when trying to get home," Kristen Roby Dimlow, the company's vice president, said in a conversation with Morgan Stanley analysts Josh Baer and Mark Carlucci.

Sleeping in the hallways

It should be clarified that data centers are not comfortable places to sleep, but quite the opposite, since the corridors can be hot by the air of the servers or cold by the air conditioning that prevents the overheating of the machines. Despite that information being disclosed, it was not revealed where and how many employees slept at the site.

With the onset of Covid, "the company changed several aspects of its work in the data center," Noelle Walsh, corporate vice president of the company's Cloud Operations and Innovation group, said in an interview with CNBC in April.

"Employees could work from home if they were afraid to enter data centers. When people didn't want to travel by bus, the company offered transportation to and from data centers and even allowed hotel accommodation," he said.

"We had to work day and night shifts in some cases to do the work at the same time," Walsh revealed at the time.

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