Say "Ok Google" to wake up the Google Assistant has its days numbered

Asistente de Google

The Google Assistant is one of the smartest features of Android, but waking it up by saying "Ok Google" isn't the most comfortable. Those in Mountain View would be working on a way to choose this command forever.

A few weeks ago the Google I / O was held and within the framework of this conference for developers, we knew the novelties that we will find with the arrival of Android 12. Throughout the event, there was a lot of emphasis on Artificial Intelligence in the everyday use of voice assistants such as Google's.

This voice assistant has a combination of words that invokes it and is "Ok Google". Although this command is only composed of two words, it is usually cumbersome to have to say them whenever you search for the help of Google Assistant. Those in Mountain View know that this system is not ideal, so they have been working for quite some time to avoid it.

Several lines of code have come to light within the Google Assistant application that implies that you will soon not need to say "Ok Google" to invoke this assistant. These lines of code have arrived alongside the new update of this application and indicate that the way to listen to the Google Assistant will be different depending on the device.

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The system would be based on the use of keywords that the Google Assistant would detect and start listening to then complete the action that is ordered. All investigations are carried out when analyzing the application code, and Google has not said anything about it. Another thing that has also been discovered is the arrival of shortcuts once and for all.

Shortcuts are new ways to interact with the Google Assistant, in iOS, they are another element of the operating system and users have managed to exploit their potential to the maximum with very specific functions. The name they would receive would be "Dynamic Shortcuts" and they would arrive to improve what was presented with the arrival of Android Nougat.

There's no exact date for the Google Assistant to stop needing the command, but it's clear that those in Mountain View are working on making it much more natural and accessible. In the presentation of the new Google Pixel, we know the improvements that they have been preparing.

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