Signs of announcement of Windows 11 are increasing

Anzeichen für Ankündigung von Windows 11 mehren sich

On June 24, Microsoft wants to introduce the future of Windows. As it stands, Windows 10 will be replaced by a new generation of operating systems. A newly surfaced video fuels this thesis.

Although Microsoft has been asserting for years that Windows 10 is the last edition of its operating system, since the end of May the signs have been intensifying that a successor will soon be unveiled. The latest hint: an exactly 11-minute-long mix of start-up sounds from the different Windows generations, which Microsoft has uploaded to Youtube (see video).
However, that alone should not be a reason to believe that Windows 11, which is probably hidden behind the codename "Sun Valley", is in the starting

blocks. However, there are other hints: Recently, Microsoft has invited to a press conference for June 24, at which the future of Windows will be presented. In addition, the company has already leaked that Windows will soon be equipped with a new user interface and a new store. And the end of support for Windows 10 as of September 2025 has already been communicated ("Swiss IT Magazine" reported). (Luc)

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