Oculus Quest 2

Last week, Facebook announced that it would begin deploying, on a trial- and trial-like, ads within Oculus Quest apps.

The only ones to publicly confirm that they would join this pilot program would be Resolution Games, creators of the blast on the game, who recently announced their withdrawal, at least momentarily, from this initiative.

Ads on Oculus Quest suffered a setback due to a lack of backup

Facebook VR ads, focused on their VR environments, aren't an entirely new initiative. In 2019, it started its first testing program that deployed ads on Oculus' own interface.

The idea of extending this model to the applications of this ecosystem was communicated by Facebook last Wednesday. Barring "a couple of other developers" not publicly identified, the only visible endorsement came from Resolution Games.

Players of Blaston, the company's flagship title, did not support the initiative, criticizing the studio for planning to add advertising in a paid game. In the face of criticism, the developers have reversed their decision.

Through a press release reproduced by Upload VR, Resolution Games CEO Tommy Palm acknowledged that "Blaston is not the best fit for this type of ad test. Therefore, we no longer plan to implement the test."

Resolution Games' withdrawal from this initiative is temporary. Although the initial decision was not entirely correct, they still have as an alternative another title more suitable for this type of trial. "Alternatively, we're looking to see if it's feasible to move this little temporary test to our free game, Bait! at some point in the future, "Palm added.

Apart from how contradictory it could be in the first instance to receive ads in a purchased application, this event, in any case, allows us to develop projections around an eventual future in which, if current commercial dynamics are followed, the presentation of advertising in virtual reality apps could be a financing alternative for free services.

"If VR ads become unavoidable as they have become as they have been on other platforms, we want to make sure that while we have this opportunity to start over and get it right, we do just that. We welcome each and every one of your comments along the way so we can have a constructive conversation about this and create the best way forward, "Palm said of his projections in the area.

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