Things you maybe didn't know you can do with Bizum


Bizim is the application with which the main Spanish bank has managed to exchange money with friends and family at all hours without using cash, but this app is much more.

Throughout 2020, Bizum has managed to double its number of users and the growth continues. It is the best way to make fast, secure, and commission-free transactions between mobile contacts, it is even being used for payments in small businesses or freelancers.

This application has a limit of up to 1,200 euros per day and with success have had to limit to 60 the operations that are made in a month. However, it has other qualities that have gone unnoticed by most users, who simply enter their bank and send a few euros to a friend.

Collect and pay for the lottery

One of the hidden functions of Bizum is the collection of the lottery. With this application, you can pay and collect your prizes from the State Lottery and Betting Administrations (SELAE). To do this Bizum has enabled a QR code generator with which to protect personal data and be able to carry out the transaction.

From the mobile application of your bank, entering the Bizum section you have the common options to send money and among the others, there is one to generate a QR code with your signature. By showing the code to the lottery administration staff, they scan it and the transfer is activated. You can also use this system to pay for a new lottery ticket.

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Buy online

In the same way, you can make payments in online shops. This requires a four-digit code. Again it depends on the application of each bank, but the most common thing is that there is a section for Pay with Bizum or Create a key, it can be hidden in the settings of the application. With that code, you can approve the charge on any page associated with this system securely.

Make donations

Lastly, there are donations to various NGOs. The positive part is that the total money you decide to donate to an organization will be for them, without losing part for commissions or fees. Bizum has a list of organizations for you to look for the one you are interested in, the procedure is the same as sending money to a friend.

The ultimate goal of bum's system is to make its use fast, easy and safe, for now, they are achieving it. All transactions can be carried out without having to give your bank details to the other person, company, or organization, banks manage it while maintaining privacy. Even so, scams through this form of payment are becoming more frequent, so you have to be informed and operate with care.

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