TvOS 15: App login also possible with Face ID on the iPhone

During the WWDC keynote on Monday of this week, the new tvOS 15 barely found any mention. Apple only introduced a few new features in the home area of the presentation, such as a HomePod integration for playing Apple TV content with the Apple speakers. In a WWDC session, however, there was also talk of another exciting feature that will find its way into tvOS 15.

Users of an Apple TV with tvOS 15 will therefore be able to log into apps in the Set-Top Box by using Touch ID or Face ID on their iPhones. This should significantly speed up the login in tvOS apps, as you no longer have to enter or dictate usernames, e-mail addresses, and passwords via the Siri Remote.

Login feature must be implemented by the developer

With tvOS 15, a new system screen is to be introduced, which should give users a uniform and cross-app login option. In this area, it will then be possible to log into tvOS applications by using Face ID or Touch ID on the iPhone. When logging in to the Apple TV, a selection option "Sign in with an Apple device" appears, which sends a notification to a nearby iPhone or iPad after confirmation. With the help of the iCloud keychain, the login information can then also be retrieved and automatically inserted. For purchases under tvOS, this feature should also be suitable.

Of course, the login function via iPhone or iPad also depends on whether app developers decide to equip their tvOS applications with this option. Now that Apple has officially presented this possibility, it is up to providers such as Netflix, Spotify,, and Co. to implement it. More information about the new login feature for tvOS can also be found on Apple's developer page.

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