Twitter blue, twitter's subscription offer, is now official: here's what it offers

Twitter Blue

After several weeks of knowing the main features of Twitter Blue, the first subscription offer of Twitter focused on users who want to have additional features, unofficially, now Twitter has just officially presented it in partnership, indicating that its first version is beginning to arrive in Australia and Canada at the price of 4.49 Australian dollars and 3.49 Canadian dollars, respectively.

The platform argues that it hopes to gain a deeper understanding of what users expect to receive through the new experience that is now starting to kick off with the following features.

For those who expect more from Twitter

In this sense, Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to organize their saved content through bookmark folders, being able to create as many of them as they need and differentiate them through different colors, in addition to the corresponding labels.

Subscribers will also have the Undo Tweet feature, which works similarly to the undo sends feature of the email platform, in which they will be able to set a timer of up to 30 seconds in duration, time for which they can backtrack to make all the corrections they need to make before turning it into a post.

For its part, the reading mode allows subscribers to enjoy a more comfortable and easy reading experience, ideal for example to read those interesting threads that some users usually publish to treat certain topics in greater depth.

Twitter Blue subscribers will also have customizable app icons for the home screens of their mobile devices, as well as being able to choose themes with which to customize the look (there was a time when users could customize different visual aspects of their accounts, including the ability to change backgrounds).

Twitter's paid service Twitter Blue confirmed, here's how much it will cost  -

And if there are any problems, they will have dedicated support. Twitter points out that it will incorporate more features over time, and reassures current users that there will always be a free version of its service, while Twitter Blue is dedicated to "adding enhanced and complementary features to the existing Twitter experience for those who want it".

In this way, Twitter gains a new revenue stream in exchange for offering additional features to those who may fall short of the current experience and expect more from the bluebird platform.

At this point, it is already a matter of evaluating the improvements over time, according to the comments of the users, to adapt the experience by subscription while at the same time also expanding it in other markets.

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