WhatsApp confirms that we can use the same account on up to four devices

whatsapp multidispositivo

Whatsapp's multi-device support is one of the most desired functions by its users. Many of us have more than one mobile, and we want to be able to use the same Whatsapp in all of them. The fact of not having it is one of the reasons why many people prefer to use Telegram, which has had it for a long time.

The fact is that the rumor is confirmed: WhatsApp has said that its multi-device support will enter public beta in the coming months.

4 devices and iPad version

We will be able to use Whatsapp, the same account, on up to four linked devices. According to Mark, the multi-device feature does not compromise the end-to-end encryption already offered by WhatsApp. They have been concentrating so that everything is correctly synced on all devices, without affecting the privacy and security of information.

Another thing that is coming, but has not yet been 100% confirmed, is the iPad version, something that will be much easier when there is compatibility with multiple devices.

The announcement was made at the same time as it showed the "see once" and "mode of disappearance" functions, information that we heard in an interview between WABetaInfo and Mark Zuckerberg.

You can soon use your WhatsApp account on four devices with the same number  | HT Tech

"View once" function

With it, we will be able to send a message that will disappear right after it has been read. It is an evolution of messages that disappear after some time, ideal for sending passwords and other stealth information.

"Disappearing messages" function

This feature, which has been in existence for weeks, allows messages to be deleted after a set period of time. In the future it will also allow you to activate the messages that disappear in all chat threads, thus being faster the implementation of the function.

Encrypted chat backups

The latest feature announced refers to password-protected backups, which could allow users to transfer their chat histories between iOS and Android devices, something that was already rumored a long time ago.

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