Wii U will receive on July 2 one more game in the eShop

In August last year, Vblank Entertainment released for Wii U (and earlier on Wii) an uncritical version of Shakedown Hawaii. That honor as the platform's last game will now be displaced by SturmFront – The Mutant War: Übel Edition, which three exact months after coming out on Switch, will arrive on Wii U.

Developed by Andrade Games and distributed by Red Art Games, SturmFront costs only 10 US dollars and will also enjoy digital release for PS Vita. A physical version for Switch limited to 2900 copies, will go on sale through the official site of Red Art.

The game is a bullet hell with an overhead view and heavy metal music. A shoot 'em up with a hail of bullets, explosions, and some of the spirit of the classic Doom and Contra, but with the whole body 'indie'.

It's a particularly curious fact for Wii U that, nine years after its launch and replaced more than four years ago by Nintendo Switch, it's still alive in the market in one way or another. A recent snowball effect on the console's eShop was thanks to the announcement of Metroid Dread, which pushed the rest of the franchise's games among the store's best sellers.

Since the announcement of #MetroidDread, the Metroid saga has been uploaded to the best sellers on the Wii U Virtual Console, headlined by the two GBA games and fourthly Prime Trilogy.

Not only Wii U is the "Metroid machine" par excellence, but also Zelda's for its top 10.

pic.twitter.com/EPRO5c7qZH— Czar Nuñez (@maskedlizard) June 25, 2021

Actualmente se pueden adquirir MetroidSuper MetroidMetroid: Zero MissionMetroid FusionMetroid Prime: TrilogyMetroid Prime Hunters y Metroid: Other M en la Consola Virtual de Wii U.

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