‎A Google smartphone with 5 optical zoom? It is to the Pixel 6 XL that we should turn according to the latest rumors‎

If we are to believe a line of code from Android 12, the Google Pixel 6 XL would carry a telephoto lens allowing it to achieve optical zooms up to 5x.‎

‎A few days ago, Google rolled out the third beta version of Android 12 to ‎‎smartphones‎‎ in the Pixel range. An update that brings new features and whose code has been analyzed by a member of XDA Developers has discovered some of the most interesting information.‎

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‎The Google Pixel 6 XL should be a great photophone‎

‎He has indeed spotted a new line in the layout file of the interface dedicated to zooming the Google Camera application. It mentions a ‎‎"zoom_toggle_ultratele"‎‎ as well as the ‎‎"5x" data.‎‎ ‎

‎This strongly suggests that an upcoming Pixel smartphone will feature a telephoto lens allowing for 5x optical zoom. And by all logic, it will be the most high-end device planned for the end of the year, namely the Google Pixel 6 XL.‎

‎This is good news as Google has always been very conservative about the photosensors integrated into its devices, retaining modules that are several years old and refusing to invest in a telephoto lens, preferring to bet everything on the software quality and power of its algorithms to offer one of the best photo experiences on mobile. ‎

An optical zoom of 4.3x in reality?‎

‎By combining quality hardware and software above the lot for the camera, we can expect excellent results on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 XL if Google manages to optimize everything well.‎

‎XDA Developers also reports, again based on the lines of code of Android 12, that Google should communicate on a 5x optical zoom for its device but that the capabilities of this one would in fact be ‎‎"only"‎‎ 4.3x.‎

Source: XDA Developers

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