A huge discount on the pCloud storage service (357,5€ savings)


Want to find a convenient storage alternative to relay your good old hard drive? Take advantage of the summer sales to seize this pCloud "LIFETIME" offer that will follow you everywhere and in all circumstances!

The pCloud LIFETIME offer is:

  • 500 GB cloud storage
  • Strong encryption
  • 30 days recycle bin history

Celebrate July 14th with a discounted offer

You don't want to break your head to take your USB keys and other hard drives everywhere anymore? pCloud presents itself to you with a tempting offer including, among other things, 500 GB of online storage for only 122,50€ instead of the usual 480€.

Something to enjoy in this month of sales with a LIFETIME cloud subscription at a reduced rate of 74% and valid for the next 99 years. A one-time payment, and let's go!

One of the best cloud storage services available on the market

pCloud is repeating its bid by offering a new and most enticing offering in the competitive online storage services market. The Swiss firm offers you to subscribe to a 500 GB cloud storage to make available, in all circumstances, the files you save. Very effective for personal use, pCloud will just as delight professional expectations with this deal.

Indeed, collaboration is one of the strong points of this offer since you also have 500 GB of sharing links, which are customizable according to the people you work with. Besides, you no longer fear errors and other bad clicks thanks to the 30 days of recycle bin history, allowing you to recover files that were accidentally (or not) deleted.

Finally, security is not a topic taken lightly by pCloud. With their 256-bit AES encryption, as on solutions such as Dropbox or iCloud, your files are well protected against web hackers. A most efficient service was rewarded with a score of 9/10 during our 100% independent test. This will give you an efficient, intuitive, and secure online storage solution. Summer Sales are now! Find the best high-tech deals and promos with Clubic.

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