A Plague Tale: Innocence - All Alchemist's Carts

Have you ever got into one of the alchemist's carts in A Plague Tale: Innocence? Because finding five of them guarantees you the Sharing Resources trophy, which is quite useful for your platinum. So here's the location of all five alchemist carts in A Plague Tale!

Location of Alchemist Carts in A Plague Tale

In all, there are five alchemist carts, available in the following chapters:

  • Chapter 7 - The Way Before Us
  • Chapter 9 - In the Shadow of the Aments
  • Chapter 10 - The Way of the Roses
  • Chapter 12 - All That's Left
  • Chapter 16 - Coronation

Collectible 1 (Chapter 7 - The Way Before Us)

carrinhos de alquimista a plague tale

This is very easy to find since you will pass through it in the area where Luke teaches you how to do the Luminous.


Collectible 2 (Chapter 9 - In the Shadow of The Americas)

capitulo 9

As soon as you pass the bridge, eliminating the two guards and head left. You can create a path to this collectible by using Luminous.

Collectible 3 (Chapter 10 - The Way of the Roses)

capitulo 10

The Third of The Alchemist's Carts of A Plague Tale: Innocense will be in the upper right corner of the university's grounds. Again, you must use Luminous to get to it.


Collectible 4 (Chapter 12 - All That's Left)

capitulo 12

You can find this one before you get to Lucas. He will be on fire, therefore, lance Ignifer in his direction and later Luminous, to get rid of the rats.

Collectible 5 (Chapter 16 - Coronation)

capitulo 16

Ask Rodric to eliminate the guard and look at the wooden fence on the right, with an X letter on the side. The cart will be at the end of this road.

With this, we complete all the Alchemist Carts of A Plague Tale: Innocense.

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