A platform with free music for YouTube videos

While YouTube has a library that allows you to use effects and music for free, we don't always find options that match the content of our videos.

So you have to look outside the platform for royalty-free music that can be used without problems in the videos we upload to YouTube. Several platforms make this task easier, for example, Thematic.

Free music for YouTube videos

Thematic is a platform that offers free songs by different artists and a wide range of music by renowned musicians. We can use all the content offered by Thematic for free, but meeting some requirements.

The first step is to create an account on the platform and then follow a series of instructions. For example, the platform will ask you to add your YouTube channels so you have an idea of the content you create.

And from there, Thematic's algorithm will provide a series of recommendations taking into account the content of the channels. Of course, you can always choose the songs that you are going to integrate into the video. So in addition to the recommendations, you'll be able to use the search filters to find a specific type of music or take a look at the song selections you'll find on the main page.

The platform allows you to save the songs or playlists for use in any future project. And when you go to use the song or track, you can download it to perform the editing in your favorite software program.

And of course, don't forget to copy the attribution link of the song to paste it into the video description. It is important to carefully read everything related to the licensing of the songs to understand how it is allowed to use the music and not fall into an infringement.

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