Created self-healing glass for smartphones

Создано самозаживляющееся стекло для смартфонов (62841)

Over the past couple of years, we've heard more than once about self-healing innovative glasses. It looks like a fairy tale that was not destined to come true. Indian scientists have developed this glass. However, for smartphones.

This is a solid glass that can heal cracks. It was based on piezoelectric organic material capable of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa. As a result of this manipulation, needle-shaped crystals appear with a length of 2 mm and a width of 0.2 mm.

Создано самозаживляющееся стекло для смартфонов (broken screen 1000x562 1280x720 1)

The unique molecular basis of the material allows its individual particles or crystals to "close" and "tighten" cracks. The scientists themselves are sure that their development is ideal for smartphones, and the material is 10 times harder than analogs. Large cracks are unlikely to be removed, but small ones are quiet.

One can only hope that it will not be limited to loud and promising statements.

Создано самозаживляющееся стекло для смартфонов (phone crack)

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