For Battlefield 1 became a free add-on "They will not pass"

You can pick up the DLC within three days in the Microsoft Store

Battlefield 2042 – The next generation of First-Person Shooters –  Electronic Arts


The "They won't pass" expansion for Battlefield 1 has become free in the Microsoft Store. It can be picked up within three days.

DLC adds to the original game the French army, four new network maps, two large-scale operations, game mode "Front Line" and much more.

In mid-July, insider Tom Henderson stated that Electronic Arts was going to give out the shooter Battlefield 1. The action is timed to coincide with the upcoming EA Play 2021, which will begin on July 22 at 20:00 Moscow time. It is expected that the company will reveal the details of the next part of the popular franchise Battlefield 2042. The distribution of the add-on that began today may be only part of the planned campaign for the full distribution of the game and DLC to it.

Source: Microsoft Store

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