Huawei: the entry-level P50 could settle for 4G

Huawei, which is still under a U.S. trade embargo, could be forced to call on Qualcomm to source chips for its P50. A P50 that would be deprived of 5G...

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Huawei is playing with bad luck. Not only does the U.S. embargo pushed by Donald Trump and confirmed by Joe Biden prevent the group from using several important American technologies for its devices, but the Chinese giant is also facing supply difficulties. This time, the entire industry is affected, but Huawei is accumulating the problems!

Supply difficulties and the US embargo

According to a Chinese rumor, Huawei could be forced to ask Qualcomm for help to equip its P50. The high-end smartphone, which has still not been officially launched, must logically work with a Kirin 9000, the manufacturer's own chip. But the latter may be forced to change his plans in the face of the current difficulties.

Unfortunately for Huawei, it will not be able to use Snapdragon 888 in its stocks: the American blockade prohibits it from using American 5G technologies. Qualcomm, which is at odds with this issue (it's a US company, after all), could nevertheless do against bad luck good heart by developing a Snapdragon 888 only 4G.

Upcoming Huawei P50 4G received MIIT certification, consumers are excited -  HC Newsroom

Despite Qualcomm's strong commitment to 5G, there have been rumors about the design of a new 4G chip, including a declination of the Snapdragon 888 Plus (the upcoming Snapdragon 895 could also be available in a 4G-only version). Qualcomm has fewer supply problems than Huawei, so this could be a way out for the Chinese manufacturer.

Huawei could therefore present a 4G version (with a Qualcomm chip) of the P50, and a P50 Pro version capable of connecting to 5G with a Kirin 9000 chip.

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