Little hopes for the Xiaomi Mi 6 2021, are you waiting for it? (photo)

Some time ago we talked about the remote possibility of reviewing in a modern way a new version of the Xiaomi Mi 6,one of the smartphones that most made the history of the Chinese house also in Europe. In the last few hours, some news has emerged on the net.

All this starts from some statements made by Lei Jun,the current CEO of Xiaomi, about a hypothetical new version of the Xiaomi Mi 6. Jun had initially asked Xiaomi users on Weibo to remember the most significant aspects of the Xiaomi Mi 6 launched in 2017. Jun himself later replied " Received "to a user requesting a replica of the Xiaomi Mi 6.

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Clearly all this is not enough to believe in a Xiaomi Mi 6 2021, but certainly the statements of Xiaomi's number 1 do not go unnoticed. We know that the Chinese company has new models in the pipeline for 2021, especially one that could be related to the new version of the Mi 6 and identified by the codename Mercury.

A re-release of popular models from the past wouldn't even be a first for Xiaomi, as its sister company Redmi recently launched the Redmi Note 8 2021 Edition. We will keep you updated on all future developments.

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