Smartphone al agua qué hacer

If your mobile does not have water protection, or if it has IP67 or IP68 resistance but has submerged more than the recommended meters, then you must take into account the procedures to follow to save the smartphone from problems that affect its operation.

The time that passes once the device has been immersed in the pool or elsewhere is crucial, so you will need to act quickly by following the steps below.

First, remove the protector and cover

As you go against the clock, the first thing you should do is remove the accessories such as cover and protector to prevent them from still retaining some liquid in the mobile. The cover is taken out very easily, but it is possible that for the protector you have to do it with care not to deteriorate the screen.

Cleaning with water to remove chlorine

Limpiar agua smartphone

The chemicals in a pool can play a trick on the device, so after doing the above, you should pass a kitchen cloth wet with water to try to remove the chlorine that adheres to the device. In this case, it is recommended that it is only on the front and back so that this can not affect the charging and headphone ports. Here, don't turn it on or charge and expect a prudent time of about 30 minutes.

Rice is the main ally to dry the mobile

Smartphone envuelto en arroz

Let us not tell ourselves lies or be in any more arguments about it: rice does help to extract water from mobile phones. By placing the smartphone on a cup full of rice, this cereal will absorb the liquid in a period that can last, from 2 hours for devices with water resistance, up to 24 hours, for better results. After doing so, you can turn on the terminal and check if everything is in order.

Take out the cards and battery

Sacar tarjeta SIM

If your phone has a removable battery, you can remove it and also place it in the same cup of rice along with the SIM tray and the external storage memory, if you have it.

Important, if the mobile was turned off, perform these actions without turning it on, since we will avoid a short circuit. 

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