‎Oculus Quest 2 get new dual-storage model‎

 Oculus Quest 2 128GB Model On Sale August 24 For $299

‎Following rumors last week that Oculus Quest 2 is getting a new configuration, Facebook announced today that the base model of the VR headset is indeed getting more storage.‎

‎In a ‎‎blog post,‎‎ the company writes that all Quest 2 VR headsets will come with at least 128GB of storage instead of 64GB from August 24. Facebook also confirms that the base model remains on sale for $299, which previously meant €349 in Europe.‎

‎Facebook also confirms that from August 24, all new Quest 2 headsets will come with a new silicone face mask. The company decided to replace them after a number of Quest 2 owners were given irritated skin from their headsets, forcing them to be sent back.‎

‎As part of the announcement that allows you to voluntarily return the headset, Facebook confirms that current owners of the Quest 2 and Fit Pack owners can also get a free silicone cover that fits across the Quest 2's face interface when you remove the current foam mask. ‎‎You can request a new one via the official website.‎

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