For some time now, PayPal has made nods towards a complete reformulation of their mobile application, profiling it as a "super app".

 PayPal will integrate a messaging system in its app - How smart Technology  changing lives

The idea is to turn this space into more than just a payment tool, which among its novelties stands out for the integration of its own messaging system.

PayPal has a new app ready, but it won't release it immediately

In various public appearances, PayPal's corporate spokesmen have hinted at the intention of becoming platforms such as WeChat or AliPay that, in addition to their respective digital wallets, integrate other tools that make the experience more complete.

As techchrunch reviews, during the company's latest investor meeting, Dan Schulman, the CEO of PayPal, revealed that the first version of its revamped mobile experience is now ready, at least at the code level. However, its implementation will be gradual and initially focused on the United States.

PayPal commented in previous meetings with investors that the new features to be integrated into the app may include features such as improved direct deposits, check cashing, budgeting tools, bill payment, cryptographic support, subscription management, and a purchase functionality with subsequent payment. PayPal has also indicated that it would better integrate the trade, thanks to the mobile shopping tools acquired through the purchase of the Honey application in 2019, which will continue to operate independently.

At the investor meeting of the last quarter, held last Wednesday, PayPal pointed out that the functions that are shortly are high-yield savings, early access to direct deposit funds, and a messaging functionality outside of peer-to-peer payments, allowing to establish communication with any added contact in this network.

This last announcement had not been advanced in the previous instances, it was one of the surprise factors of the last meeting. A messaging feature built into a payment platform can be useful in cases where you need to query whoever manages a company's accounting or acknowledge receipt of payment or invoice, for example.

To date, conversations of this kind could only be held through external channels. With the advent of this feature, the dynamic could change, privileging communication through the same app, rather than opting for email or another kind of external chat.

"We think that's going to drive a lot of engagement on the platform," Schulman said. You don't have to leave the platform to send messages back and forth," he added.

The implementation of this new mode of communication within PayPal, in addition to aligning with the trends observed in its direct competitors, seeks to retain its user base, keeping them longer with the app in use.

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