Pokemon Go has pulled in five billion in five years

Pokemon Go heeft op vijf jaar vijf miljard binnengehaald

The big hype may be over, but Pokemon Go, the game that introduced the general public to 'augmented reality, still exists and is as alive for the 'die-hard' fans as before. The game turns five this week and turns out to be more lucrative than ever.

That's according to a report by Sensor Tower, a company that primarily analyzes mobile apps. The report says the game has brought in $5 billion since its launch. 1.3 billion of these were spent by users in 2020, an amount that surpassed the previous record set in 2019. It is also said to have raised $641.6 million in the first half of this year. So, if Sensor Tower is to be believed, Pokemon Go is far from written off and even does better in terms of revenue every year.

Pokémon Go Has Made $5 Billion | Screen Rant - Informone


Rush over

That feels a bit strange now that we see fewer and fewer people playing the game on the street. Admittedly, it's also been a while since we've been on a train platform again in full morning rush hour, the ideal setting to spot Pokemon Go's. But that doesn't seem to mean there aren't any more players. Publisher Niantic continues to update the game and made a lot of adjustments during the lockdown that made it easier to hunt for Pikachu and friends from your living room or in less crowded places.

Niantic itself does not release usage or revenue figures. The company has indicated that it will reverse some of the earlier changes later this year to drive people back into the open air. 

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