Spyware hacks WhatsApp

Software espía hackea WhatsApp

Although it may seem like something taken from a James Bond film, digital espionage has been an act carried out by agencies and governments of different countries in an attempt to obtain information for different purposes.

With time, tools have emerged that have made this an increasingly sophisticated activity. However, there is not always a perfect crime and in the case of espionage, there have been several occasions on which this act has been detected.

This is what happened recently when a report was released by WhatsApp about the Pegasus spyware after it was revealed that it was used to commit espionage acts against officials from different countries.

As early as May 2019, the company had revealed this situation when it filed a lawsuit against Israeli spyware maker NSO Group, which is responsible for manufacturing pegasus software and with which it intervened in communication systems and devices used by journalists, lawyers, activists, and high-ranking officials from around 20 countries.

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During the investigation of the cyberattack, WhatsApp received help from The Citizen Lab, a laboratory at the University of Toronto specializing in different areas, including detecting acts of digital espionage.

Pegasus facilitates the infiltration of the person on mobile devices, both Android and iOS. Once installed on these, Pegasus begins its link with the control servers, which subsequently execute commands on the intervened devices to collect all the information of interest that may be stored in them.

Pegasus also has different hack modes to be applied to these, including zero-day exploits. In countries like India, you do not have an exact number of people affected by this spying software.

However, WhatsApp through a blog reported that they carried out sending a message to 1400 users through which they were notified that they had been the victim of acts of espionage. It remains to wait and see what measures WhatsApp will take in the future to enhance security on its platform and put a stop to this type of attack.

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