The old PES will be free: is there a chance that it will be at FIFA?

"As PES was once a leader, it can be again," said the referent of the Uruguayan Federation of Virtual Football

El nuevo eFootball tiene como embajador a Lionel Messi y Neymar.

After a week of announcements in the world of football video games, many players are wondering how much football, Konami's former Pro Evolution Soccer, will be able to do to snatch the place that Electronic Arts achieved with FIFA.

Video game stores consulted by Cromo have no doubts about something: in Uruguay, the proportion is devastating for EA. More than 80% of gamers enjoy EA's simulator.

Gastón García, president of the Uruguayan Federation of Virtual Football (FUFV), told Cromo that this has been happening since 2014. Until then, it was Konami that led the sector with games that prevailed on consoles and PC. Then, he added, the game's mechanics were tweaked and the approach to greater FIFA realism caused football simulator lovers to turn to EA's game.

"I think from there PES didn't know what to do," Garcia said.

Now, eFootball is looking for a real change that tries to give the knockout blow. First, making it free. Whoever wants to play won't need to pay PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass. You'll just have to download it. Secondly, because it will be intergenerational: the user will be able to enjoy the game competing against those who have another console or device.

"As PES was once a leader, it can be again. I do not know if this is the right way to go. We will have to wait for a little and see how they develop it," Garcia said.

According to this expert, they are trying to copy a model like that of Fortnite and League of Legends, which are very popular in the industry. The demo he watched he didn't like. "They had abrupt zooms that made you lose panorama," he said.

Gabriel Dittrich, owner of a video game store X Uruguay, believes that the public that plays EA's title is not very interested in migrating to Konami's new proposal. "The FIFA public is already punishing in FIFA 22. We even have presales (the game comes out on October 1st in the world). A lot of people buy only three games a year and FIFA is one," he said.

The new football, which has Messi and Neymar as ambassadors, seeks to increase the community thanks to a graphics engine that is adaptable to any hardware used by the user.

The business will be, say the experts, in micropayments that allow access to certain functions of the game.

There are references from the community who believe that "we must have an alternative to FIFA" and comment on the importance of this development. "Maybe with time and work there's a more playable base than before," said NonoLoko, a leading tweeter of soccer video games on social media.

Agustin Wilkins, one of FIFA's best players, said he doesn't think he's competing in the new version. "I don't even think it tickles him," he added.

The vision of PES lovers

Fernando Cap, one of the leaders of the PES community in Uruguay, said that the mobile version surpasses it "widely" in several players.

"Having the possibility to play on a cross-platform is very good and can be very attractive because you can always have opponents available," he said. "There are a lot of people playing in mobile PES because you always use it anywhere. The possibility of having it on mobile is going to capture a lot of people," he said.

Comparison between PES 2021 vs FIFA 21

In this sense, Jesus Ripoll, a lover of the old Konami video game and director of the Association of E-Sports Uruguay (AESU), opined. The ability to play between different platforms "never happened in football games". "You have to see how they take it. If they know how to run without having to have the latest iPhone model to run it, it's going to be great," he said. Ripoll recalled that Konami wants to organize tournaments. "So, it's a reason to think that it's something they want to develop to the fullest," he added.

"What seems wrong to me is that those of us who have been playing PES for a long time is going to be given a game that has nothing to do with the essence that we know (...) The PES died," said a YouTuber, named MV, who usually plays this video game.

Jesús Ripoll, a lover of Konami's old video game and director of the Association of E-Sports Uruguay (AESU), told Cromo that at a graphical level it can take "a great advantage to FIFA" since football will have a new graphics engine.

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