Twitter: 2 new features that could be developed very soon

The social network Twitter could launch a couple of functions soon, one that sends your tweets to certain users that you assign as "close friends" and a second that lets you set "facets" that from the same profile allows you to express yourself on different topics with specific followers who are interested in them.

These possible functions were explained by the account @a_dsgnr, who is a designer of the company. The purpose of these mechanisms is for everyone to be able to control which users are authorized to view our tweets, separating some followers from the rest so that they can see the posts, rather than being available to everyone.

To that end, "close friends" could let us select a small group of followers so we can tweet exclusively for them, selecting the option at the time of posting. This is somewhat similar to the Instagram option that allows you to determine "best friends".

On the other hand, this concept also foresees that the publications of these "close friends" appear as prominent in the timeline of the platform.

The other alternative that was unveiled is the creation of different "facets" for each user to decide whether to follow the entire account of a person or only a certain "facet" of the profile in which they have an interest, with the extra possibility that some of these are public and others more private.

Another issue that would be modified is to limit the offensive expressions in the replies to the tweets. Each user would select the phrases that he does not want to receive, automatically moving the unwanted answers at the end of a conversation.

It is necessary to clarify that these tools are not being developed, but it was the designer of the social network who exposed these possibilities to know what Twitter users think.


The social network recently reported a new protection measure, which will allow users to identify themselves when accessing their account through a new two-step verification, which only requires physical security keys either in the web version or in mobile applications.

Since last December Twitter allows physical security keys to be used to perform identification in two steps, constituting a layer of security that adds to passwords, with the possibility of assigning different keys.

The platform explained in its official support account that the keys could be established as the only means of verification to enter Twitter accounts, either in the web version or on smartphones, when two-step authentication is registered.

Twitter's recommendation to its users is that they allow this verification, indicating that physical security keys are the best method of security.

The security mechanisms that these devices have to protect even when it is intended to enter a phishing site and that the information that is collected can not be used to enter the owner's account.

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