What's new in Pinterest for idea pins creators

For now, the new product labeling tool is present for company accounts in the US and UK, and to reach creators in other markets over the next few mont

It was in the middle of last May when Pinterest officially launched the Idea Pins as its new video format, TikTok style and the like, with which creators can tell their narratives in audiovisual format, with up to 60 seconds of duration, being able to host stickers, labels and more elements, through up to 20 pages of content, as we told you at the time.

 Idea Pin

Now, the creators of Idea Pins, who are basically users with enterprise accounts, will be able to boost their business and earn more revenue through the new capabilities that are starting to come to the platform.

First of all, and taking into account that users are more in favor of making their purchases with the products that are labeled in the Idea Pins than in other types of Pins, creators will be able to start labeling specific products in their Idea Pins, thus helping to exponentially increase the purchase intentions of users.

Creators will be able to label specific products belonging to an infinity of categories such as beauty, fashion, or home, among others, helping their respective communities to receive inspiration and increase the possibilities of purchase.

For now, the new product labeling tool is present for company accounts in the US and UK, and to reach creators in other markets over the next few months.

Pinterest also looks at those creators who are associated with certain brands, creating content for them.

Now a new tool is starting to arrive that will allow creators to warn of partnerships with brands by including the "paid partnership" label on their Idea Pins. Available in beta, brands will need to approve the label before the "paid partnership" badge begins to be seen on creators' Pins ideas.

The paid partnerships tool is already available to some creators in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

According to Pinterest, with these novelties, the content of the creators will be more practical, will offer the possibility of purchases, and will be more integrated with the brands.

And there is no doubt about the evolution of Pinterest over the years, currently allowing to serve as a platform of inspiration for a series of aspects, with the possibility of making purchases through the Pins themselves, and that these capabilities will continue to evolve, as we have just seen now.

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