WhatsApp already allows you to mute and archive chats permanently


WhatsApp announced a small change in its dynamics that will contribute to having the inbox organized, and without content that we consider irrelevant.

Without the need for weird tricks, thanks to the new update you'll be able to mute and archive chats permanently.

You can now archive chats permanently on WhatsApp

As mentioned on their Twitter account, WhatsApp now allows you to mute and archive chats permanently.

So if you want to clean your inbox permanently, just tap the chats you want to keep out and hit Archive. Thanks to the latest update, all those chats will be left in the Archived section, which will always be visible at the top of the chat lists. Yes, the same dynamic that telegram has long applied with its "Archived Chats" section.

And everything you submit to this new section will be permanently muted and archived. So you make sure that the actions you take to clean your inbox are final unless you reverse them in the future.

WhatsApp Update: Now Archived Chats Will Remain Muted Forever

And of course, they'll be muted, so notifications will remain disabled. If the archived chat receives new messages, WhatsApp won't alert you or see them in your inbox. But you will see that in "Archived" a number in green is added indicating that you have pending messages within the section. And you'll find the same thing inside chats, just like chats that are kept in your inbox.

But if this new WhatsApp dynamic doesn't interest you, you can change the default settings for archived chats. To do this, go to Settings >> Chats >> Archived Chats and turn off the option. And of course, you'll always be able to remove any File chat by simply holding it down to see the Desarchivar option, and return it to your inbox.

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