Xiaomi New Foldable Phone "Inspired" by Galaxy Z Flip

Xiaomi may be planning to produce a foldable smartphone that is quite similar to Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip!


Last week we came across a patent from Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi that suggests it has plans to make phones with both foldable and wrapping screens. But it seems this isn't the only foldable phone design the company is working on. In fact, there have been rumors that the company is working on 7 different designs before, which are now being detailed.

According to a new report published, Xiaomi is indeed working on its plan to make a foldable smartphone in the form of a wallet. As is known, we have seen the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip as a foldable smartphone with this design shape. Galaxy Z Flip is based on the flip phone design, so that it may soon face a competitor.

Leaked patent information suggests that Xiaomi, like the Galaxy Z Flip, is working on an outer cover combined with a dual-camera setup, where it will again have a 2nd screen to display notifications. The dual rear camera modules to be found on the phone are expected to arrive without a telephoto lens, while the wide-angle lens can be positioned instead. By the way, the primary camera on the phone can also be at 108 MP resolution.