After all it is not simple to move to the beta version of Windows 11, iso Microsoft promised

The arrival of the beta version of Windows 11 came to show how mature and stable this system is to be used, even in the day-to-day. Microsoft has done an excellent job on this system, showing that Windows can still be reinvented.

The software giant promised a simple and quick passage from the dev version to the beta. The truth is that this does not seem to be happening, with many problems being reported by users who have tried this change.

Windows 11 Microsoft Beta versão problemas



The past week brought a key moment to Windows 11 and Microsoft. With the arrival of the beta version of this system, is taken another step towards its arrival, probably later this year, with all the news that has already been presented and known.

Something that has changed in the Insiders program, even temporarily, is the possibility of moving from the Dev version to beta. Microsoft promised a very simple process that would be transparent to the user. All you had to do was change an option and restart Windows 11.



The truth, and what can be proven with the complaints that are visible on Windows Insiders Twitter, is that the process is failing. Many users report that when they try to make the change, the option is not accessible, although it is present.

Of what is seen, in most cases, there is a well-identified cause for these problems. This is focused on hardware specifications, one of the biggest issues that Windows 11 has created with users.

Windows 11 Microsoft Beta versão problemas

In fact, this is a well-known situation and has been discussed several times since the arrival of Windows 11. Microsoft has well-defined specifications, but in the case of the Dev, the version allows them to be circumvented and even softened.

Ideally, in these cases, is to do the full reinstallation of Windows 11, so you can access the more stable versions. This is Microsoft's recommendation and shows that probably, with the arrival of the stable version, problems will arise, for those who want to change the version.

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