Battlegrounds Mobile India hits 50 million downloads

बैटलग्राउंड मोबाइल इंडिया ने 50 मिलियन डाउनलोड के पास PUBG-अवतार के रूप में  पुरस्कारों की घोषणा की - Hindisip

Battleground Mobile India (Battleground Mobile India) has recently achieved the first and a new milestone. Crafton (Krafton) on Monday announced PUBG Mobile India Avatar BGMI has now received 50 million downloads on Google Play Store. Battlegrounds Mobile India has managed to achieve it in a little more than a month since its launch on July 2. As a thank you, Crafton Battlegrounds will reward every player of Mobile India with a Galaxy Messenger Set (Galaxy Messenger Set) permanent outfit. And while Android players are already celebrating the new reward, Crafton will soon release a new update on the release of Battleground Mobile India on iPhone to iOS players.

"We extend our best wishes to our Indian fans on the occasion of Independence Day (Independence Day 2021). We are happy to be a part of this festival, which has been made even sweeter with Battleground Mobile India, which has been downloaded 50 million in just one month on the Play Store! I look forward to an equally strong response to our first esports tournament starting next month," said Wuyol Lim, head of the Battleground Mobile Division at Crafton.

Apart from rewards, which mainly include galaxy messenger set permanent outfits to all players, Krafton is assuring that the iOS version of the game will be released soon. Crafton said it will "announce the iOS version of the game very soon on Battleground Mobile India social media channels. "

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) ने पार किया 46 मिलियन डाउनलोड आंकड़ा

Crafton recently launched the Independence Day Festival for Players of Battleground Mobile India, which the company considers one of its many efforts for Indian players. Last year, at the time of the announcement of the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, Krafton had promised to hold special tournaments and events for the Indian audience. Celebrating India's Independence Day is one of them, which is specially designed for Indian players.

The journey of PUBG Mobile in India has been a great event. The latest chapter includes the launch of the Battleground Mobile India Series tournament, which has received 540,000 registrations since the registration began. Crafton said the stream schedule of the tournament will be announced after registration is stopped. The prize pool for the Battleground Mobile India Series is Rs 10 crore, making it one of the largest esports tournaments to be held in India.


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