Chrome add new options to work with groups of tabs

Google Chrome is testing a new feature that will make it easier to work with groups of tabs.

Google Chrome

If you are one of those who group the open tabs of the browser to work more comfortable while browsing the web, you will find interesting the new dynamic proposed by Chrome.

New apps for tab groups in Chrome

One of the functions offered by the Google browser is the possibility to create groups of tabs. It's as simple as choosing "Add a tab to group", typing a name, and selecting a color. And then, you'll be able to add any tab with just drag and drop.

A simple dynamic that allows you to group all the tabs thematically. And in addition, it saves you space in the browser bar, since you can collapse and expand the tabs that are included in the group. A dynamic that you can also apply with the bookmark folders.

Yes, those folders that you usually create from the favorites that you save in Google Chrome. As one user mentions on Reddit, Chrome is testing the ability to create groups with all tabs saved in bookmark folders. An option that can already be seen in the version of Google Chrome Canary.

How to Enable and Use Tab Groups in Google Chrome

Now if we right-click on a bookmarks folder, we will find the options for "Open all", "Open all in a new tab" or "Open all in an incognito window". But with the Canary update, "Open all in a new group" is added.

So you'll be able to send the tabs from a bookmarks folder directly to a group. When you select that option, Chrome will automatically open the options to add a title to the group and assign the color to it. A simple system that will save you a few steps.

And on the other hand, another novelty that comes to Canary is that groups also appear in the quick menu of History. Now if we take a look at this section, we will find that it only allows recently closed tabs individually. But this dynamic could change in the future since we will also be able to open groups of tabs from the History.

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