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After many hours and several dozen GB of captured video, we tell you our experience, opinion, and analysis of the DJI Air 2S, one of the most advanced drones for recreational use that can be purchased at this time. Of course, we are going to do it from the point of view of a person who had never flown a device of these.‎

‎A few months ago we had the opportunity to test for a few weeks the DJI Air 2S. It is the latest drone of the company that is focused, above all, on content creators who want to give ‎‎a cinematic touch to their images thanks to the 1" sensor.‎

‎And yes, we should have done the analysis a long time ago, but the news is what it is, a lot of phones and other devices have been released and, in addition, I spent a lot of recording content in a flat profile and then editing that is an ordeal.‎

‎And now I don't want to analyze the more conventional DJI Air 2S‎‎, as there are great analyses out there, but an experience from the point of view of someone who touched a drone for the first time with this model.‎


  DJI Air 2S DJI Mavic Air 2 DJI Mavic 2 Pro
‎Camera‎ ‎1" | sensor 20 Mpx | 2.4 micron pixel | 22 mm f/2.8‎ ‎1/2" | sensor 48 Mpx | 0.8 micron pixel | 24 mm f/2.8‎ ‎1" | sensor 20 Mpx | 2.4 micron pixel | 28 mm f/2.8-11‎
‎Video transmission system‎ ‎OcuSync 3.0 | 4 antennas | 12 km to 1.080p | AirSense‎ ‎OcuSync 2.0 | 2 antennas | 10km to 1,080p‎ ‎OcuSync 2.0 | 2 antennas | 10km to 1,080p‎
‎Autonomy‎ ‎31 minutes‎ ‎34 minutes‎ ‎31 minutes‎
‎Functions‎ ‎master shots | APAS 4.0 | Hyperlapse | Spotlight 2.0 | ActiveTrack 4.0 | Point of Interest 3.0‎ ‎APAS 3.0 | Hyperlapse | Spotlight 2.0 | ActiveTrack 3.0 | Point of Interest 3.0‎ ‎APAS | Hyperlapse | Spotlight | ActiveTrack 2.0 | Point of interest 2.0‎
‎Environment discovery‎ ‎Front, rear, top, bottom‎ ‎Front, rear, bottom‎ ‎Front, rear, bottom, left, right‎
‎Resolution‎ 5,4K30 | 4K60 4K60 4k60
‎Maximum photo resolution‎ 20 Mpx 48 Mpx 20 Mpx

‎Getting started with a drone‎

‎First of all, it must be said that ‎‎anyone can buy a drone,‎‎but there are three very important things that you should keep in mind. ‎

‎The first is that you have to‎‎ have the common sense‎‎ not to fly it dangerously, over crowds, and in situations where you put others or yourself at risk.‎

The second thing is that you must soak up the regulations in your country‎‎ whether you agree with it or not, because if not, fine the singing and, again, you can endanger someone. ‎

analisis DJI Air 2S

‎And the third thing is that, at least in Spain, we have the ‎‎ ‎‎Entire‎‎ website in which we can see the areas in which it is always allowed to fly and in which the flight is conditioned.‎

‎For those of you who see us from other countries, ask or search for a similar website that indicates where you can fly.‎

analisis DJI Air 2S

‎Once we take this into account, it's time to launch the drone. ‎‎We had the "fly more" pack that arrives with a series of ND filters ‎‎that are very important because this drone does not have a variable aperture in the camera, three batteries, several blades, and some more accessories, such as a triple charger.‎

‎It is a pack more expensive than the standard, obviously, but just for the batteries, it is very worthwhile, especially in the face of long excursions in which you want to fly more than 20 minutes.‎

analisis DJI Air 2S

‎And 'arming' the drone is as simple as deploying the legs,‎‎removing the stickers, and placing the propellers correctly. There are some distinctive colors on the propellers and the supports so that we know where to put each thing, so do not worry.‎

‎You put the battery on, remove the camera guard and turn it on. It is important to remove the protector because every time it is turned on, the camera makes a series of movements to adjust the stabilizer and if you do not remove the plastic, it will surely break something.‎

analisis DJI Air 2S

‎And removing the stickers is also important because some come glued to sensors that the drone uses for its automatisms. ‎

‎As you can see, it ‎‎has several cameras and a proximity sensor at the bottom,‎‎so you have to have it clean and without stickers.‎

‎We also have a small, but powerful, yellow light on the belly of the drone that will allow us to find it on sunny days if we lose sight of it.‎

analisis DJI Air 2S

‎And given this, it's time to move on to the app.‎

‎The application of DJI‎

‎The drone has its sensors, but the application is the brain. From it, we will control all the parameters of the device, both those of flight and security as well as those of the camera and the recording.‎

‎It is important to take a little while before flying to check that everything is fine‎‎ and set a maximum flight distance, the maximum altitude, and, in addition, a maximum altitude of RPO, which is what it automatically puts when it starts to run out of battery and returns to the point of ascent.‎

‎Both with the app and with the controller and its configurable buttons you will be able to control the flight modes, recording, taking photographs, the most creative modes and, in addition,‎‎ you will be able to see information in real-time both of the positioning satellites‎‎ at that time and of the signal and sensors active in the drone.‎

analisis DJI Air 2S

‎I recommend not to fly with a signal that is not stable or with a low number of satellites‎‎since an accident can always occur and if you do not position the drone well in the application, you may not find it if it falls in the middle of a mountain.‎

‎In this app we will be able to see something very cool, such as the number of flight hours, the sessions, we will be able to make very creative automatic shots in which the drone flies only for a few seconds and then assembles a series of plans and recording profiles.‎

We will be able to record content directly into the phone's memory but to record at full resolution or 4K you need a microSD memory card that we place in the drone. ‎

‎I recommend 64 GB up because log files‎‎ in maximum resolution occupy their own.‎

‎Now, before I take over, I'm going to comment on the signal. According to the technical characteristics, we will be able to fly several kilometers away, but when the signal, the image, that transmits the drone to the mobile ceases to be stable, I recommend you to turn around.‎

analisis DJI Air 2S

‎This technology is called ‎‎OcuSync and in version 3.0 that mounts this drone what assures you is that you will be able to fly stably and safely with several obstacles between the drone and you, but it is not for you to send it to the people next door. Again, you have to go with your head.‎

‎What I didn't like is that it supposedly has a technology called AirSense that alerts you to other aircraft in the area to avoid crashes. ‎

‎He didn't warn me of any because there may not be aircraft with this system yet, but many times I skipped the connection error warning, so if there were, I wouldn't have detected them either.‎

‎The controller that console gamers will like‎

‎And‎‎ the mobile does not stop being the screen of the controller.‎‎ When we take it for the first time it is very large, but the truth is that it is comfortable, you get used to it and the mobile is put on top, in special support, leaving a very balanced weight.‎

‎Here we have several buttons that don't need too much explanation but let's take a look. ‎

‎We have the sticks, obviously, which I think aren't as comfortable as they should be for those tips at the end, but they're accurate.‎

analisis DJI Air 2S

‎There is a cinema, sport, or normal mode selector in which the automatisms of the drone vary, change the height and speed limits, and, in short, serve for different things. ‎

‎In sport mode, we have a vehicle that goes very fast‎‎ and that will leave you in total control. ‎

analisis DJI Air 2S

‎In normal mode, we have some sensors that prevent us from doing the crazy, and in cinema mode, the speed is lowered to create more cinematic shots. ‎‎I recommend you to use the normal and the cinema for several hours before moving to the sport since it is a mode that impresses.‎

‎We have a configurable button, controls to lower or raise the tilt of the camera, buttons to start taking photos or videos, the emergency, the shutdown, and the shooting modes.‎

analisis DJI Air 2S

‎Everything is very intuitive and as soon as you fly a couple of times you beam to the control. In addition, the connection with the mobile either Lightning or USB-C is wired, so there is no latency between the controller and the mobile, something important.‎

‎The battery of the controller is indicated in four LEDs,‎‎but the truth is that it lasts a long time. You just have to remember to charge it from time to time because, in addition, it can function as a power bank for the phone if you want.‎

‎The unforgettable flying experience... and to land it on the top of a pine tree of 20 meters‎

‎But hey, once we've seen everything you have to take into account to fly, it's time to launch into the skies. ‎

The camera is 20 megapixels and has a 1" sensor,‎‎a very generous size that allows the dynamic range to be very rich.‎

‎The pixel is 2.4 microns, which is great because it's so large, and the aperture is fixed at f2.8. For cloudy days it is worth having the ND filters.‎

‎We will be able to make photographs, scenes 360º automatically, panoramic and the results will be great, but above all, we will record video.‎

The normal one brings out some pretty nice colors, but I think his thing is to record in DLOG so in editing we can do what we want. Of course, if you do not want to complicate, in normal you are more than served.‎

‎There is focus peaking, grid lines, we can automatically or manually adjust the white balance and we will be able to highlight the burned areas. ‎

Those shots are in cinema or normal mode but taken manually. Now, it‎‎ also has a mode called master shot‎‎ that, as I said before, the drone itself is responsible for recording from different angles and modes and mounting on a video of a few seconds.‎

‎And then there are the tracking modes. On the mobile screen, we select an object or point to follow and the truth is that the drone follows us quite well. ‎

analisis DJI Air 2S

‎When you run into an obstacle or stop or try to get around it and it's awesome to see how well you can follow in our footsteps.‎

‎Now, it seems that not all sensors work when you're in this semi-automatic mode. ‎‎And yes, I caught it in a pine tree 20 meters high.‎

analisis DJI Air 2S

‎I was recording some cows with tracking mode on, but manually controlling the turn and the drone didn't see that there was a tree. By suctioning the blades the pine 'swallowed' it and there it stayed.‎

‎And what happens, because the drone does not allow you to force a start if it‎‎ is not on firm ground.‎‎ I didn't find a way to do it and had I been able to force the engines, I would surely have fallen. ‎

‎I understand that it is for safety, but it is not unreasonable for these things to happen and I do not understand how they are not contemplated.‎

‎But hey, ‎‎in the end, if we go back to recording, we have a device that is super-destabilized ‎‎and that even with strong wind cannot be undeterred. Not only does it have the power to keep flying, but the camera looks like it's going over a raft of oil.‎

‎DJI says it has 31 minutes of flight but has a trick‎

‎And I told you that the pack flies more with three batteries is optimal because although ‎‎DJI says we have 31 minutes of flight per battery, it's really about 20-25 minutes‎‎ depending on the mode and if you're recording or not.‎

analisis DJI Air 2S

‎When that time passes, the drone tells you that it returns to the point from which it took off.‎‎ It does it quite well and yes, you're going to be able to force the machine to record a few more minutes, but surely halfway down. It is worth paying attention and if you do not have a battery, then you do not have a battery.‎

‎The batteries take a long time to charge and have four LEDs that indicate the state of it and in this pack flies more comes to a triple charger that charges the batteries one at a time.‎

‎Very expensive treatments that will make you flip with the video‎

‎In the end, we have a drone that has an excellent camera to make all kinds of shots. ‎

analisis DJI Air 2S

‎Not only is it very well stabilized, but it's very easy to record spectacular shots by learning a couple of moves and letting the drone do the same.‎

‎I must admit that I had some fear and respect before I flew for the first time.‎‎ I saw it as complex, it's not like a video game and, in the end, I don't stop having something very expensive in my hands. But tomorrow I would buy one, and in fact, I want to do it, for when I go hiking.‎

analisis DJI Air 2S

‎Probably it will not be this, but the Mini due to its maximum portability, but the truth is that the automatisms help a lot and, simply having some care and eye, it is very safe to fly a device with as many sensors as this.‎

‎I would have liked the battery to be somewhat more generous,‎‎some more programmable buttons on the controller, and that the camera had variable aperture, ‎‎but the results are excellent in video and photography.‎

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