Gold Games, August 2021: from Darksiders 3 to Yooka-Laylee

Games with Gold brings a surprisingly good selection of free games to subscribers in August 2021.


Entering the heart of summer, I Games with Gold Ads August 2021 They surprise us with a lot of free games For subscribers of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate we can surprisingly set, considering the criteria to which we are so accustomed.

We know very well how Microsoft has changed the priority of its subscription services, so in the face of the Xbox Game Pass offering that continues to show in terms of the quantity and quality of the games offered in the catalog, games with gold titles are increasingly looking like a legacy of the past to be filled. Somehow, sometimes with proposals that are at least disappointing or directly useless to most players. Starting from this situation, facing the four games selected in August 2021 was a pleasant surprise for many, considering the average quality of the proposals.

Let's be clear: these titles are still a long way from the latest market news: the release of the first fruits and large-caliber three-A games is still suitable only for the Xbox Game Pass region at this time, but at least restoring older games on this occasion has generated a roster. Very interesting. The big limitation remains the age of these games, so maybe many have bought or played them in the past, but it's still a good combination of action experiences to 3D platformer games, from the most classic shooting game to the historical fighting game.

In principle, there are four games that we recommend without reservation to all, just to fill this summer of video games that already seem very rich, especially at this time. So let's see in more detail what the August 2021 show is about, bearing in mind that games with the gold titles for July 2021 are still available by the end of the month and in particular Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break will still be available until August 15.

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Darksiders III - August 1-31

The Vigil series was rescued excellently by Gunfire Games, and no for nothing was the authorship of much of the previous team, that Darksider 3 managed to give more life to a franchise that is somewhat in crisis, mainly due to the significant regulatory chaos about the publication. After all, the third chapter was presented in 2018 extremely full of new ideas.

The Story The Fury saga is told in a sort of prequel from previous episodes, but what has changed in Darksiders 3 is above all gameplay, although it officially remains in the same vein as the series.

The special combination of features, in this case, derives elements from a Metroidvania file and like the soul, thus merging two of the hottest trends of recent years and we are still able to make a fairly interesting structure that can function properly. Compared to the physical momentum of war and death, Fury is more dynamic and unpredictable, attacking through Hollows' special item abilities, closely invoking the role of traditional magic. Good attention to design level and particularly challenging battles make it an atypical chapter of the series, but it fits perfectly into style.

In case you want to get it back, here's our review of Darksiders 3.

Yooka-Laylee - From August 16 to September 15

Yooka-Laylee é bem-sucedido em sua intenção: restaurar o estilo clássico da plataforma 3D
Yooka-Laylee succeeds in his intention: restore the classic style of the 3D platform

Among the various titles that, with a growing wave of nostalgia, tried to reproduce the magic of the first 3D platform games of the late 1990s, cassava night He is one of the few who achieved the ambitious goal. No for nothing, the Playtonic team was created specifically to develop the game from Kickstarter, founded by former laurels of the original authors of Banjo Kazooie, from which the game was not only inspired but also intended to be a kind of spiritual successor. The task is not simple: it is about transmitting the mechanics and spirit of the classic platform games in a three-dimensional context and the titles that succeeded in the project were rare even at the time of its greatest prosperity, so it is the portion that is convincing today is the great challenge.

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Yooka-Laylee is not a perfect game, but one of the truest examples of honoring the classic 3DPlatform, one of the few recent games that have been able to capture and repropose this special magic of jumps, platforms, and collectibles in a 3D world, starting with an excellent level design and a somewhat charismatic characterization.

The fact that it is somewhat derivative (one of the flaws in Yooka-Laylee's analysis) is only one consequence of achieving this result, and for nostalgic players, it is likely to be an asset, while for younger players it can become a paradox. abnormal.

Lost Planet 3 - August 1-15

Lost Planet 3 depende muito da campanha single-player, que oferece uma boa variedade de situações
Lost Planet 3 relies heavily on the single-player campaign, which offers a good variety of situations

The first Lost Planet game remained somewhat between the symbols of that particular union between Xbox and Japan that failed to develop into something permanent but is an important game despite its flaws. With a lost planet, 3Capcom was already in a different phase, in the direction of outsourcing to Western teams for its many projects, which despite everything revealed great vitality, originality, and willingness to open themselves to new influences.

Chapter 3 is still a very classic third-person shooter, with the science fiction scenario obtained in the first two chapters, but with more interest in the narrative and cinematic side of the experience.

the 1 player Campania, which tells the story of Jim Peyton and his adventures on the alien planet EDN III, is the most exclusive element of Lost Planet 3 and remains a pleasant experience, considering the technological limitations of the game released eight years ago and with two generations of difference. Of course, it's not a very original story, but those who appreciate the most classic science fiction will easily get carried away by Jim's progression in the intricacies of the planet, aided by non-original but very powerful gameplay that takes capcom's traditions and more typical influences of the time on With the mechanics of a third-person shooter and also adds something new, such as Rig's presence, massive action robots that help change the movement. right there Critique of Lost Planet 3 Explains everything.

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Garou: Marca dos Lobos - Dal from August 16-31

Garou: Mark of the Wolves é um dos mais recentes jogos clássicos de luta de ponto 2D
Garou: Mark of the Wolves is one of the latest classic 2D point fighting games

Regarded by many as one of the best fighting games of all time, Jarrow: Mark of wolves Surprisingly, "closes" the legendary saga of Fatal Fury, which was originally released for Neo Geo and Dreamcast in 1999 and then ported to other platforms, including Xbox 360. It is the ninth chapter of the historic SNK series, as well as the final chapter officially as far as What is it about Fatal Fury and a kind of technique apotheosis of the classic 2D style of the genre, which will necessarily follow different paths since then. 10 years after Geese Howard's death, the game sets the stage for a new tournament among Southtown street fighters, ushering in a new generation of heroes and villains, with an inevitable return and character heirs.

In addition to the differences in the list of fighters and technical insight, Garou: Mark of the Wolves also presents some significant differences in fatal fury's historical gameplay, making it a separate chapter. In particular, the parallel plane system has been removed, bringing everything to the same level of combat and the introduction of some new tactical features such as tactical attack mode that can be activated in a few moments and the Just Defend system that favors time in the marches. In general, it maintains the approach of technical fighting game, but with some differences that make it unique and interesting to this day.

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