Google approved 85% of personnel requests for remote work

Google aprobó 85% de solicitudes de personal para trabajo remoto

Alphabet Inc.'s Google approved 85% of requests from employees seeking to work remotely or be relocated once their offices reopen completely, the company told staff Tuesday.

Google is one of the largest companies trying a hybrid approach to get back from the pandemic. The company has asked most of its staff to return to work in its previous offices, however, it will let others do their work elsewhere. In recent months, about 10,000 employees applied to be transferred to a new office or work from home.

The company rejected 15% of requests because its jobs required specialized equipment or face-to-face time with customers, Fiona Cicconi, Google's director of human resources, wrote in an email to staff.

"Some organizations have committed to investing in key growth sites and are working to build their teams and critical mass at those particular centers," Cicconi added. Their email said rejected applicants could reapply for remote work or a transfer.

Earlier this year, Google set September as its return-to-work date. But last week, the company walked the date for Oct. 18 and announced that all returning staff, including its large contracted workforce, will be called upon to show proof of vaccination.

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