There are several places where we can have very interesting and beautiful wallpapers, distributed by different categories, such as cars, models, photographs, among many other things.

They can also be distributed by the quality of the background photographs since we have distances resolutions available and there will even be some possibility to choose the predominant color.

As we will see there are many different options to get new wallpapers, wallpapers, for the operating system par excellence of Microsoft. It should be noted that several of the methods can be applied to other operating systems and even mobiles.

How do I change the wallpaper in Windows 10?

It is clear that before changing the wallpaper of our Windows 10 operating system we must know how to perform such an action. To achieve this you just have to do the following:

  • Right-click on any part of the desktop that does not have any folder or icon.
  • Now we must click on Customize.
Change Windows 10 desktop background
  • In the next window, we will see that in Background we can open a drop-down menu where we must select Image.
Change Windows 10 desktop background
  • Now click on Browse to select on our computer the one we want.
Change Windows 10 desktop background
  • Once selected we will see how it comes out between the photos that appear in thumbnail waiting for you to select them so that it is put definitively in your wallpaper.

Get wallpapers officially

There are several places and ways to get different wallpapers to vary from one to another as we feel like it. We will be able to use the more official ones and other third-party places that also have interesting backgrounds.

Windows 10 support page

We can always look at all the possibilities offered by the official part of Windows 10 for this type of operating system parameter.

For this, we must access the windows 10 support page specifically wallpapers. Once inside we only have to do the following:

  • If we go down slightly we will start to see the different categories in which the funds are destroyed.
  • These categories are Animals, Art (illustrative), Art (photographic), Automotive, Games, Holidays and Seasons, Natural Wonders, Places & Landscapes, Plants & Flowers, Brand Wallpapers, Community&Panoramas.
Categories wallpapers Windows 10
  • Click on the one you want and you will see the list of all the types it has, with the exception that you will not be able to see it in Guantanamo.
  • If you click on one of these options, then it will let you see it on the screen, thanks to the browser you use.
  • If you don't like it go back to the screen of the categories and keep selecting until there is one worthy of being part of the background.
  • If you have already found it, you only have to press the right button of your mouse on the image and then save the image as, and thus save it within the internal storage of our computer.
Save image Wallpapers Windows 10

This official website has a good number of possibilities, that is why it is so interesting to download them and then put them as wallpaper.

Microsoft Store

Another option we have is to go to the Microsoft store and download the official Windows 10 funds.

On this website, the only thing we have to do is select the one we want and in the next window click on Get and automate it will open the Microsoft Store that we have installed in our Windows operating system.

  • Now inside the Microsoft Store, it's time to click get again.
  • Then click on Install or wait a few seconds for the download to begin.
Microsoft Store Wallpapers

Once the download is finished, if we want it to start working on our desktop as a background, we just have to press Apply.

Microsoft Store Wallpapers

The moment it ends, we will be able to enjoy the fund we have chosen and with practically no effort on our part.

This way is highly recommended because the integration is absolutely perfect to be from the Windows company itself and its application store.

Third-party funds

If the officers are not to your liking or you want to explore new options, you can always go to a website that is dedicated to offering this type of service and where we will also have several opportunities to find the wallpaper.

The websites that we are going to show you allow us a great variety of topics with which we will get to have the background that we like the most since we will find thousands of options.


On this website, we have designs of all kinds and for all tastes. The wallpapers section is very complete, it is extremely good and it is very easy to use since its interface is extremely simple to handle and understand.



In Deviantart, there are for all tastes since they are funds that have created other users and that they share with us, so the originality is assured. Practically all wallpapers are for personal use, so you can put them on your computer without problems, but it is not allowed to upload them, for example, to a website.

You can look in the Section of Everything, in the Groups, Artists, or Collections, so in this sense, we also have very good options when it comes to finding the background that we like the most.


On this website, we have a lot of possibilities and many very interesting distributed in categories such as Animals, Anime, comics and cartoons, Art and Design, Sports, Celebrities and models, Festivities, Flowers, Games, Landscapes, Movies and Series, Universe, Varied and Vehicles.



But it also has another type of really curious distribution that is by colors. That is, they will show us backgrounds in which the color of the corresponding category predominates such as yellow, blue, white, brown, cream, gray, purple, orange, black, red, pink, or green.

In Xtrafondos we also have at our disposal the Recent, Most Viewed, Most Downloaded, Top or Random, all offering wallpapers in HD quality. It is a very interesting option to get the wallpaper we want on our computer.

With all these possibilities, you will surely find the wallpaper for the desktop of your Windows computer that you want so much and even a few to change from time to time. For possibilities it will not be and, if not, you can always pull collections like this one of more than 1,000 wallpapers.