How to get things cheaper on amazon

It does not matter the occasion or time of year, because when it comes to buying on Amazon, the idea is to look for the items we want at the best price. If we choose things in a hurry, maybe the account will end up with more money than we think. However, if we implement a couple of simple tips, we can save more than we think.

But let's not waste any more time extending and we go to the mess with those 5 gold tricks necessary to be able to acquire an item on Amazon cheaper, from wherever you are.

Use a tool to view the price history of a product on Amazon

Amazon's Historic Price

In our opinion, it is one of the best alternatives available to know for sure if an item is at its best moment of purchase, or if on the contrary, the sale price is one of the highest. In this case, you can resort to the CamelCamelCamel website, for example, which allows you to compare the price of a product through the graph with the historical and other statistics. There are other options, such as Pricy and others that we discuss in this article.

One of the most important facts is that you will see the date with the highest price, the current price, and the lowest price, so you will know if it is a good deal or not.

The "Compare to similar items" tab can save you more money

Compare with similar Amazon articles

Without a doubt, one of the best native tools of the shopping site. The "Compare with similar items" option is below the product information you are about to add to the cart, and from there you will have other options with the most similar features, although perhaps with lower prices.

The photo above is the perfect example, with a quick comparison of devices with the same task but different prices.

Amazon Basics or Amazon Essentials can also help you

Amazon Essentials

Amazon has its own sub-brands for everything, absolutely everything. From batteries, beds, sheets, mugs, and more household items, to T-shirts, shoes, socks, and more clothes.

Thanks to its wide range of articles with its own seal and of good quality (most with free shipping), you can save a couple of tickets when choosing models of this company and leave behind those of other brands that can be more expensive and with equal or inferior quality.

Don't waste free shipping when products are eligible

Take advantage of amazon free shipping

It is too much to say this but if you look at the image presented in the question, you will see that the price of both backpacks is the same, but the thing changes when we see the cost of shipping. Yes, that's fine, although they're both models from the same brand, the design changes a bit. However, if it is okay for you to save 27 dollars for shipping, then it is worth opting for one of the many items that have free shipping after 35 dollars (for certain regions the minimum amount is lower and for others, it is higher).

Does Amazon really have it cheaper? Google Shopping has the answer

Google Shopping

Although it seems like a trick that can drive you away from buying certain products on Amazon, the truth is that Google Shopping is a great option to compare the price of any item. When you enter the search engine and search by keywords (model, size, price range, etc.) you will have different offers with the price included and the website where you can find them.

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