There are several ways for both the cursor and clicks to be more prominent, using the Windows operating system itself or opting for third-party tools.

What we can guarantee is that it is simpler than you imagine, since it is not at all complicated to get to perform this task.

Now you should only be the ones who choose one of the options that we are going to show you next.

Using Windows

The first way to highlight the cursor and mouse click in Windows is to use what the operating system itself offers to achieve it.

It is the easiest way since we should not find anything, only use what the software of the Redmond people offers us.

To achieve this you must follow a few simple steps:

  • Press the Windows key + I to open the Windows 10 Settings.
  • Now let's go to Devices and then to Mouse.
  • If we look at the right part of the whole window we will see that it puts additional mouse options.
Additional mouse options
  • Here we have some tabs with interesting options such as Pointers. Thanks to this part we will be able to switch between the pointers that we already have in the system.
Mouse pointers in Windows 10
  • If we go to the Pointer Options tab, it will be good for us to mark Show the location of the pointer by pressing the CTRL-key. This is a great idea when you have two monitors connected at the same time and you don't find which of the two the mouse is in.
Pointer in Windows 10

Chrome Extension

If we want to give greater emphasis to our click, we can use an extension for our Chrome browser that will be extremely effective.

It is Mouse Pointer Highlighter an extension prepared so that the cursor is always surrounded by a red circle and when we click that detour will be even greater, that is, a circle surrounded by another circle.

The negative part of this extension is that it only works within the Chrome browser, which does not give us full freedom to get it to work on everything we need. In addition, we will have to settle for what it offers us, that is, we will not be able to customize anything.

Mouse Pointer Highlighter

Chrome Extensions

Presentation Pointer 

Thanks to Presentation Pointer we can highlight the mouse cursor in the way we want and enhance the clicks system, even offers the possibility of making annotations.

Once we have the application downloaded and installed we must go to two tabs of the program to configure to our liking the parameters that concern us in this post:

  • Pointer: where we configure what type of cursor we want within all the possibilities offered by the program.
Presentation Pointer

Presentation Pointer

  • Mouse Clicks: a place where we must enter to configure what we want the cursor to do when we make any type of click on the screen, being able to configure colors and shapes.
Presentation Pointer

Presentation Pointer

Mouse Pointer Highlight

The next option is an application that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store for free and although it looks a lot like in name the Chrome extension, we are not talking about the same application.

Mouse Pointer Highlight is a tool where we will have two distinct parts.

  • One is called Mouse Highlight where we will change the appearance of the circle that surrounds the mouse course in size, opacity, and color.
  • The other is Click Highlight, the area where we will vary the circle of the moment in which we press the main mouse button, also in size, opacity, color, and even in latency.
Mouse Pointer Highlight

Download new pointers and use them

If it is not enough for you to modify the pointer with which Windows has or the circle around it does not just convince you, you can always download new pointers from a website that is specialized in it such as:

  • DeviantArt: possibly the web with more resources to customize Windows that we can find right now browsing the net. We will have a little bit of everything to put Windows to our liking including cursor pack.
  • RW-Designer: on this website, we will also have a good number of opportunities to download original cursors and thus be able to put the one we like the most. It is a website with a fairly somewhat level of updates, so if we enter every so often we will always find something new.

Once we have downloaded the cursor or cursors we want, to use them in Windows is very simple.

  • We press Windows + I again and then enter Devices and then land in Mouse.
  • Now let's go to Additional Menu Options.
  • Click on the Pointers tab and we will see in Customize the types of pointers that we can vary. The logical thing to do is to choose Normal Selection.
  • Then click on Browse and select the file that we have downloaded from one of the websites that we have mentioned before.
  • Then the mouse will be changed to the one we have chosen.
Adding new pointers

As you can see it is quite easy to give greater emphasis to the cursor and even change it, as also happens with the click of the mouse.

By selecting any of the options that we have shown you you can get it. Now you must choose which one is best for you and your immediate needs.