How to move your documents to PDF totally free

If we have a document and we want to pass it to PDF to send it to someone, we can do it in different ways. Using Windows, our Mac system, or using tools for third parties that also perform such an action. Let's see how it's done.

When we have any type of document, we will always have many options when it comes to converting it into a PDF. We are presented with those that are already pre-installed, but we also have others in which we have to be the ones who use certain tools.

We are talking about any type of document, whether it is a simple photo or writing, practically everything we can convert.

We will see a few ways to achieve it, so that after you decide for yourself which is the one that best suits your needs and tastes.

PDF printing on Windows 10

When we want to pass some type of document or photo to PDF, we always think of some tools that can serve us for this need, forgetting that Windows offers us this possibility very close and in a much simpler way than you can imagine.

We only need to follow a few simple steps to achieve this:

  • We open the document or photo in any program we want. If it is a photo we can subtilize the Windows viewer, for example.
  • Once we have it open on the screen, we must go to the print section of the program or viewer.
  • When we think about the possibilities of printing, let's open the drop-down and select Microsoft Print To PDF.
  • Now click on Print and then it will ask us where we want to save the PDF you are going to create.
  • Microsoft Print To PDF
    • Click on Save and we will automatically have in that path that same document but in PDF format.

    PDF printing on Mac

    If you have a Mac computer you will be able to perform this same action in a very similar way and managing to convert what you want into a PDF file.

    The steps we must follow are as follows:

    • We open the program with which we want to read the document that we are going to convert later into PDF.
    • Then click on Print within that tool, so that the corresponding print menu appears.
    • Once inside this menu, we will see how in the bottom left we can select PDF and open a drop-down where we will have several options dedicated to this format.
    • We must choose Save to PDF.
    Save PDF on Mac
    • At that moment it will ask us the path where we want the resulting file to be and automatically we will have it in PDF format where we have recorded it.

Online tools

On the net, there are a few websites that will allow us to pass all kinds of documents to PDF format easily, and free of charge.

Let's look at some of these possibilities that exist on the Internet for such a purpose.

I Love PDF

It is one of the most popular online tools that there is currently and also one of the most used.

This is because we are facing a website with a lot of possibilities for transforming PDF files, not only in the sense of converting a document to this format, but also to make a PDF file become of another type, and even divide them.

I Love PDF

The interface is extremely simple to use and all we have to do is decide what action we want to perform, choose the file and execute that transformation or division.

Another of the great advantages of I Love PDF is that it can take files directly from our Google Drive or Dropbox without having to archive them to the hard drive.

PDF24 Tools

PDF24 Tools is a website where we will have the opportunity to convert many types of documents and files to PDF format.

The interface is, as it happened in the previous case, very easy to use and we will not have the slightest problem understanding it, since everything is very well explained, marked, and with enough information to know where to go at all times.

PDF24 Tools

The possibilities it offers us to transform to PDF format are many being able to use files of type DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, ODT, ODG, ODS, ODP, JPG, PNG, or TIFF among others.

To work with this online converter we will not have to meet any kind of strange requirement, just enter with our usual browser and work with this system, which can convert to PDF and, in addition, convert from PDF.


This is an extremely complete website, since to the function of converting into and PDF, you also have to join that it is capable of dividing, merging, compressing, password protecting, resizing, optimizing for web or repairing PDFs if it does not work, among other things.

PDF 2 GO can convert to PDF and PDF a lot of files like DOC, DOCX, JPG, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, ROC, DJVU, EPUB, TIFF, RTF, and many more options.


This service is totally free, although we can register to have a reminder of what we have done through this website, in case we ever want to do something similar.

All files you upload will be automatically deleted after 24 hours. They do not make any kind of backup of the files.

Of course, they maintain the rights and ownership of each file that passes through their system, guaranteeing the total privacy of both the file and its customers.

Soda PDF

In Soda PDF we will be able to perform the same actions that we have seen in the previous cases, being able to convert any document we want to the PDF format.

You can choose from more than 300 formats available to convert your files to PDF documents. We can do it from the browser or desktop and save them on your computer or in a cloud storage service, such as Google Drive.

Soda PDF

With Soda PDF we can edit, create, comment, or extract information from the files, as well as convert, merge, split or protect the documents.

It is compatible with a good number of different files to offer us multiple options, but in addition to all this, from Soda PDF you can also perform other actions such as signing a PDF or using it simply as a reader.

Thanks to all the options that we have shown you you can have those documents that most interest you in PDF format and with little effort, being able to do it on Windows or Mac natively or using specialized websites in this process.

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