In 2019, the unveiling of Tesla's Cybertruck pickup truck drew quite a bit of attention, generating widespread interest and expectations around the concept presented.

Elon Musk's company confirmed, after months since the first hints of complications, that production of its electric pickup truck is delayed until 2022.


Tesla postponed production of its Cybertruck to 2022

Initially, the announcement of some definitive novelty regarding the production and commercial itinerary of Tesla's Cybertruck pickups was projected for the end of this year.

From Electrek  they report that on Tesla's ordering page, where you can pay a down payment fee to book one of these examples, the footnote was updated to confirm that the vehicle will be available when "production approaches in 2022":

The annotation regarding the new production schedule is presented in the same way for all three variants of the Cybertruck, even though Tesla previously stated that the two high-end variants, Dual Motor and Tri-Motor, will be prioritized.

Outside of that low-key note, so far Tesla has not officially provided new details.

According to precedent compiled by The Verge, in January, during Tesla's fourth-quarter earnings release, Elon Musk commented that there would be "few deliveries of the Cybertruck by the end of this year, but I expect volume production to be in 2022."

The same report notes that last month, during the second-quarter earnings release, Lars Moravia, Tesla's vice president of vehicle engineering, noted that the Cybertruck pickups were "at a stage where we finished the basic engineering of the vehicle's architecture," adding that it was"entering the Cybertruck beta phases later this year."

The known background anticipated the difficulties to which the production of the Cybertrucks have been subjected during the last time. With the update of its purchase booking portal, Tesla confirmed that the new waiting period is extended until next year.

Given the eccentricity of the announcement, plus the market presence that Tesla has progressively acquired with other of its vehicles, the Cybertruck is projected as the candidate to become a pioneer within its market sector. However, these delays are clearing the way for its competition. Companies such as Ford, General Motors, Lordstown, and Rivian have stated that they are also working on projects to venture into this area of the new motor world.

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