NASA : Asteroid Bennu will impact Earth

The U.S. space agency, NASA, detailed, in the study "Assessment of ephemeris and dangers of the near-Earth asteroid (101955) Bennu based on data from OSIRIS-REx", that the asteroid Bennu could impact our planet in 2135.

Although NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission was spent two years ago in orbit around Bennu, it managed to gather information, as well as a sample that will return to earth in September 2023.

OSIRIS-REx has provided an extraordinary opportunity to refine and test these models, helping us better predict where Bennu will be when he approaches Earth more than a century from now," said Kelly Fast.

The information that NASA's mission managed to collect allowed to give an accurate follow-up to the movements of the asteroid until the year 2300, therefore, the scientists were able to determine that Bennu has a probability of 1 in 750 thousand, which is equivalent to 0.057 percent, of impacting the Earth in 2300.

However, what the researchers were able to determine was that the asteroid will approach earth in 2135, although it will not be enough to pose a threat to our planet.

Kelly Fast, manager of the Near-Earth Object Observation Program, said in a statement, that "NASA's Planetary Defense mission is to find and monitor asteroids and comets that can approach our planet and may pose a danger to humanity."

Scientists were also able to identify September 24, 2182, as the key date in terms of a potential impact, with a probability of 1 in two thousand 700, approximately 0.037 percent, of impacting the Earth.

Although the chances of the skyscraper-sized asteroid hitting the planet are very low, for years to come, NASA will continue to observe the asteroid's orbit.

In addition to collecting information from Bennu, the team also considered other forces such as the sun's gravity, planets, moons, and more than 300 asteroids.

It also considered the drag caused by interplanetary dust, solar wind pressure, and Bennu particles.

The orbital data from this mission helped us better appreciate bennu's impact possibilities over the next two centuries and our overall understanding of potentially dangerous asteroids, an incredible result," Dante Lauretta, principal investigator at OSIRIS-REx, said in a statement.

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