Realme GT 5G Specifications And Price In India

After a week of use, this is our analysis of the realme GT Explorer. It is the mobile that comes to stand up to the almighty POCO F3 in the mid-high range and is a terminal of the most interesting with a major handicap: it will not leave China. Of course, its virtues may conquer you and you want to import it and, precisely for that reason, we bring you this text.

At this point, I think we can already say that realme is a power in the entry range, the mid-range and the high-end with terminals as interesting as the realme 8 family -analysis of the 8 Pro- or the realme GT -analysis- that so many users are conquering.

The realme GT Master Edition has just been presented - these are our impressions - but there is another mobile that the Chinese factory has just launched. This is the GT Explorer Edition, a mobile that arrives to fight against the POCO F3 -analysis- and that has a lot of virtues... and something you probably don't like.

It's not going to leave China, at least in principle, but we've spent a week with this realme GT Explorer and we'll tell you our experience in this analysis.

Beware! There is a new realme GT that will come out of China. It is the Master Edition that we also have in hand and of which we will soon tell you our opinion.

  realme GT Explorer
Screen 6.55" AMOLED panel with curved sides | FullHD+ resolution of 2,400 x 1,080 pixels | 402 dpi | 120 Hz | refresh 480 Hz | sampling HDR10+ | 100% DCI-P3
Processor Snapdragon 870
Storage 256 GB
Main cameras 50 Mpx f/1.88 OIS main | 16 Mpx f/2.2 wide-angle | 2 Mpx f/2.4 Macro
Front camera 32 Mpx f/2.5
Battery 4,500 mAh | 65W | load Charger included
Operating system Android 11 + realmeUI 2.0
Dimensions and weight 159.9 mm x 72.5 mm x 8 mm | 183 grams

Curved sides and a design rear with matching cover

Let's start talking about the design since we are facing a mobile that attracts attention as soon as you take it out of the box.

Just like the realme GT with its yellow vegan leather rear, here's rear with an interesting texture and relief that's again 3D printed and in that same material that mimics leather.

It is very comfortable between hands thanks to both the texture of its back and the weight of about 183 grams. The sides are made of aluminum and are very thin, just enough for the different buttons to enter. In addition, they combine perfectly with the curvature of the rear and the screen.

Between hands it seems very, very premium, we have thin screen frames and a thickness of 8 millimeters not counting the camera, which sticks out, in which realme has not been able to put a jack of 3.5 millimeters.

What we do have is a double speaker (one lower and one taking advantage of the upper headset) and perfect ergonomics for the location of the lock buttons and the volume buttons.

We don't have a capacitive sensor for fingerprinting, as we have an on-screen optical sensor and facial recognition.

The face unlock system is very, very fast and realme has improved the animation of the unlock by fingerprint.

analysis realme GT Explorer

We have protection from water. At least the DualSIM 5G slot is sealed.


It was one of the recurring complaints in the analyses of the different realme with this technology since it was somewhat slow, but here it goes perfectly. In fact, realme says it's a new optical sensor and the truth is that an improvement we've noticed.

As I say, between hands and with the naked eye, as you can see, it is a mobile that feels very high-end. And well, that back is designed by Naoto Fukasawa, which to those who like minimalist products surely sounds like you.

Samsung puts a bright AMOLED panel at 120 Hz

And those great feelings in design are transferred to the screen.

Samsung is in charge of the panel and we have a SuperAMOLED with FullHD+ resolution that has a refresh of 120 Hz, a sampling of 420 Hz, and a peak maximum brightness of 1,110 nits, according to the company.

In our measurements, the brightness is certainly very high and we have recorded 899 luxes on average with a deviation of 8.16 luxes.

It is a brightness that does not disappoint in any situation and all conditions (indoors, outdoors under the August Sun that is making life impossible for us, etc.) allows us to see the content perfectly.

The panel has a diagonal of 6.55 " and a resolution of 2,400 x 1,080 pixels that leaves us a density of 402 pixels per inch and the truth is that at the color level it is a delight.

It has three profiles, natural, bright, and alive, the latter being the one that has the specification of 100% of the P3 range, where I have had the mobile since I received it.

analysis realme GT Explorer

Videos, games, photos... everything looks great, but I've had some ghost touches on the curved screen in both games and the camera app, deflecting the focus.

It's not a regular thing and it's only happened to me a few times, but I don't usually have this problem with curved screens and there may be some problem here with sensitivity, it's very high or something.

analysis realme GT Explorer

In any way, it is a very good panel to consume content and we will be able to adjust some options by software such as transforming SDR content to HDR or reducing flicker in low brightness.

And, to complete the experience, we have stereo sound. We have Dolby Atmos support and different profiles and situations such as music, game, or movies and the truth is that the sound is not the best that realme has mounted.

analysis realme GT Explorer

I think the treble distorts right away, even with the volume at 70% and it's not going to be the best experience in this regard.

And the problem I think comes from the speaker of the headset, which I think has the somewhat higher gain of the account and that's why it generates that undefined and somewhat shrill sound.

It's not a bad experience, of course, but it's a rung below the quality of realme mobiles that only feature a speaker.

Snapdragon 870, the same one that rides the POCO F3

The interior of the realme GT Explorer is no surprise.

analysis realme GT Explorer

It mounts practically the same hardware as the POCO F3, which translates into the Snapdragon 870 that we liked so much in the POCO terminal and a configuration of 8 or 12 GB along with the option to add up to 12 GB of virtual RAM (using part of the storage).

We have the top of the range version and in the GT Turbo mode we have a spectacular score in the performance tests:

  realme GT Explorer LITTLE F3 OnePlus 9 Pro Xiaomi Mi 11 Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
Processor SD 870 SD 870 SD 888 SD 888 Exynos 2100
Geekbench 5 Single 1.017 984 1.115 1.136 1.050
Geekbench 5 Multi 2.285 3.363 3.642 3.648 3.347
3D Mark Sling Shot Extreme Too high Too high Too high Too high 7.765
3D Mark Wild Life (Score| FPS) 4,222 | 25.30 FPS 4,236 | 25.4 FPS - 5,776 | 34.6 FPS 5,463 | 32.7 FPS
AnTuTu 683.613 674.543 715.885 705.986 642.161
PC Mark 13.229 12.187 11.718 13.216 15.730

Beyond the score of the benchmarks, which already lets us see where the shots will go in terms of gross performance in games, for example, we have a memory that meets in terms of speed.

This allows you to open apps very quickly, install applications without the antivirus bothering you too much and multitasking is very, very fluid.

analysis realme GT Explorer

We leave you the results:

  realme GT Explorer LITTLE F3 OnePlus 9 Pro Xiaomi Mi 11 Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
Memory type UFS 3.1 + LPDDR5 UFS 3.1 + LPDDR5 UFS 3.1 + LPDDR5 UFS 3.1 + LPDDR5 UFS 3.1 + LPDDR5
Sequential write 516.39 MB/s 418.03 MB/s 502, 92 MB/s 504.46 MB/s 377.17 MB/s
Sequential reading 806.99 MB/s 880.28 MB/s 1.41 GB/s 1.20 GB/s 1.09 GB/s
Random write 35.13 MB/s 32.96 MB/s 39.65 MB/s 32.32 MB/s 38.34 MB/s
Random reading 24.92 MB/s 15.89 MB/s 32.93 MB/s 34.48 MB/s 23.87 MB/s
In-memory copy speed 9.62 GB/s 10.93 GB/s 12.33 GB/s 12.14 GB/s 10.21 GB/s

You will be able to play with very good quality even the most demanding titles, but the case of the mobile is heated, as well as the left side, the one that is closest to the SoC. It is not annoying, but it does feel warm, although it is also true that we are in the middle of a heatwave ...

Now, in the day to day the truth is that the experience with the mobile, once configured to our liking, is a joy.

Everything is very fast and realmeUI 2.0 on Android 11 offers us a beastly experience, just as we enjoyed it in the realme GT with the SD 888.

However, if you are thinking of importing this mobile, you should know that it has the GMS, but you will not have facilities as soon as you take it out of the box.

You can choose to put a western ROM to enjoy the mobile as if you had bought it in Spain, but we have stuck to 'tune' it as a user who does not know how to put a ROM would do.

Basically, the first thing to do is to change the default keyboard to Google's so that the predictive text in Chinese doesn't get you out of trouble. For that, you must download the APK of google keyboard.

analysis realme GT Explorer

Once this is done, download a repository such as APKPure and, from there, the Google Play Store. The mobile has the GMS, but there is no Play Store by default.

And ready, having the app store you can download any such as Drive, Chrome, Slack, Spotify, Twitter, Instagram ... the ones you use on a day-to-day basis. What you're not going to have this way is Google Discover, so if you want to, you'll have to install a Global ROM.

analysis realme GT Explorer

It's half an hour/an hour after opening the device to have it set up as you want, so it's not too much of a hassle.

And about connections, we have Wi-Fi 6 and NFC that I've been using to connect devices and that has Google Play in the system itself.

4,500 mAh with a 65 W charge coming in the box

realme, like virtually its "sisters" in the BBK group, is a company that is benefiting from some of the fastest loads in the industry.

In this sense, although we are facing a mid-range, we again have the 65 W charger that, again, comes in the box.

We have 4,500 mAh of battery that fill up at 50% in 13 minutes and 100% in just 36 minutes. Having the battery in this state in just over half an hour still seems like a thing of magic.

As for the autonomy, here we see that, although the battery is generous, we have a screen and an SoC that consume a lot and we go to the seven and a half hours of use with the 120 Hz, the automatic brightness, and intensive use.

You are going to reach the end of the day and, surely, a few more hours of the next, but the good thing is that at any time you put it to charge and you have a good 'kick' of energy in 10 minutes.

In synthetic tests with 100% brightness, the Explorer has stayed at 6 hours 52 minutes of the screen which, again considering the high brightness of the panel, is not bad at all.

Classic realme processing, but with an unnecessary macro

Let's talk briefly about the cameras, because here what matters is to see the result. Since its launch, realme has surprised us with the quality of its main cameras and, above all, with the processing of them.

analysis realme GT Explorer

It is a process that tends to oversaturate a little, especially the skies, and that also has a very spectacular HDR that makes the clouds, especially in sunsets, are very spectacular, but the truth is that the result is ideal to upload to social networks.

I think that the white balance works very well and that it also knows how to calculate, almost always, the high and low lights, although there are times when I get the feeling that it throws the underexposure more than it should, in addition to putting a lot of contrast.

The main sensor is 50 megapixels, the Sony IMX766 that will start giving so many joys from this year and we have an f/1.88 aperture and an optical stabilization system.

It would have been great to be able to record at 4K, since by megapixels and by the processor, surely it could, but since realme has decided that the optimal is 1,080p.

The super-destabilization mode makes noise, but it seems that we have the mobile in a gimbal, obtaining a very interesting and striking result.

What a shame that the GT Explorer does not leave China because it is a candy

We come to the end of the analysis and we have a motive that is sad not to see in Spain, at least for now.

analysis realme GT Explorer

Not only is it a very good contender for the POCO F3, but it is an ideal terminal to enjoy multimedia thanks to the screen and the power of its SoC.

The autonomy and fast charging also shine with their own light, as well as the speed of everything we do in the system, but yes, you must keep in mind that you are going to have to spend a little while configuring everything because we do not have the PlayStore or a western keyboard home.

I also liked the cameras, as well as the video recording, but some points still need improvement. The speakers do not seem to me to live up to it and, in addition, I totally have enough of the 4-megapixel macro.

Otherwise, a very interesting phone. Now, the question is whether, even with all its benefits, the user will be worth importing when in Spain we have the GT line, the Nord 2 -analysis- or the POCO F3 itself, which already come with all the services to which we are accustomed.

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