The segment of smartwatches and monitoring bands seems to follow in the footsteps of what has already been experienced in the smartphone segment, with the arrival of new players that bring greater competitiveness and a variety of products to the market.

One of these new players that have been stomping is realme and its plans to expand its catalog of smart and affordable watches.


  realme Watch 2 Pro realme Watch 2
dimensions 44 x 38.9 x 12.65 mm | 40 gr 35.7 x 25.8 x 12.2 mm | 38 grams
screen 1.75"| color LCD 320 x 385 pixels | 287 dpi | 600 nits 1.4"| LCD 320 x 320 | 323 dpi | Brightness of 600 nits
battery | contact loading 390 mAh | contact loading 315 mAh
connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0
sensors 3-axis acceleration sensor | optical heart rate sensor | SpO2 optical sensor SpO2 | 3-axis accelerometer | Optical heart monitor
Belt materials 22 mm silicone strap | interchangeable 22 mm silicone strap | interchangeable
resistance IP68 | Gorilla Glass 3 IP68 | Gorilla Glass 3

Discrete materials and LCD screen crying out to be AMOLED

A few weeks ago we analyzed the realme Watch 2 —analysis—, but this time we focus on the Pro model that slightly improves its performance and some aspects of its design.

This is a smartwatch with a clear inspiration in the Apple Watch for the rectangular design of its case that has dimensions of 44 x 38.9 mm and a thickness of 12.65 mm, somewhat bulkier than the Watch 2.

The realme watch is made of plastic, which is not necessarily negative. This considerably reduces its weight and manages to stay at 40 grams. This lightness makes the watch not bother during workouts and on a day-to-day basis, you literally forget that you wear it on your wrist.

The plastic with which it is built is appreciated of good quality and the frame that runs along the perimeter of the case has a metallic finish, but it does not end up being a convincing material for a watch that, although it still maintains a tight price, is no longer in the fray of the cheapest smartwatches.

In this frame, the interchangeable straps made with silicone are crippled that, although it is true that at first, it seems to be quite rigid, with the passage of days it softens and ends up being very comfortable.

The included strap is traditional closure with a buckle made of plastic and on one of the parts of the strap you can read the motto of realme: Dare to leap.

In this frame, the interchangeable straps made with silicone are crippled that, although it is true that at first, it seems to be quite rigid, with the passage of days it softens and ends up being very comfortable.

The included strap is traditional closure with a buckle made of plastic and on one of the parts of the strap you can read the motto of realme: Dare to leap.

Realme Watch 2 Pro, análisis y opinión
All this presence of plastic and silicone makes the realme Watch 2 Pro resist very good the action of water and dust, something that complements with an IP68 certificate.

We liked the choice of a standard system of 22 mm pins to anchor the bracelet, so that it opens a wide range of compatible third-party straps, although realme offers two options in black and light gray colors.

Realme Watch 2 Pro, análisis y opinión
The realme watch features a single multipurpose button on the right side that is used to turn the screen off and on, end ongoing sports activity or go to the previous screen in the interface menus.

At the bottom, we find a pair of optical sensors to monitor heart rate, SpO2, and charging pins. All of them are located on a platform that protrudes from the watch case to bring them closer to the skin and improve the reading of the records.

Realme Watch 2 Pro, análisis y opinión
The screen is an LCD touch of 1.75 inches and a resolution of 320 x 385 pixels that leaves it with a density of 287 dpi being protected from scratches by a 2.5D glass with Corning Gorilla Glass 3protection.

The screen has a very comfortable size to use, but it does not end up taking advantage of all the space available on the front leaving considerable asymmetrical frames around that leaves a somewhat more pronounced chin.

The watch reacts well to activation with the turn of the wrist and the brightness of the screen is very good and keeping it between 40% and 60% has been more than enough to show a clear vision even under a crushing summer sun.

Realme Watch 2 Pro, análisis y opinión
Our measurements estimate its brightness at 570 luxes at maximum power. It doesn't have a brightness sensor that adjusts the intensity of the screen based on the external light, but it makes up for it by adding a quick shortcut that allows you to change the brightness by clicking on the brightness icon in the settings panel. Just a couple of touches and the brightness setting is set.

The realme Watch 2 Pro allows you to install different sphere designs from the realme app installed on your smartphone. The brand tries to disguise the frames of the watch using black background dials, something it does not always achieve. Being an LCD screen the most it achieves is to show a dark gray that does not reduce the battery consumption too much.

Without a doubt, we are facing a smartwatch that, due to its characteristics and its generous screen, is crying out for an AMOLED screen with which a considerable increase in its autonomy would be achieved.

Realme Watch 2 Pro, análisis y opinión
As far as user experience is concerned, having that size and format, realme Watch 2 Pro can display more on-screen information, so you can comfortably read the notifications that are received and expand the content of the messages by tapping on the notification.

However, it has certain limitations. Notifications cannot be answered, even from predefined responses as is the case with other similar devices. Also, if the content of the message is emoticons, the watch will only show a few squares instead of emojis.

The realme Watch 2 Pro does not have a microphone or speaker, so although it can vibrate and notify an incoming call, you will not be able to answer it directly by forcing you to take your smartphone. What it can do is reject the call.

The operation of the watch is very fluid showing itself reactive to touches and moving a very basic interface that allows you to deploy different panels with different functions.

For example, swiping down displays the notification panel listing received messages. If you haven't read any of them yet, a green LED will be displayed at the top of the dial indicating that there are pending notifications.

Swiping to the right displays the quick settings panel with touch icons from which you can adjust the brightness of the screen, activate the Do Not Disturb mode so that the minimum movement while you sleep does not illuminate the entire room, turn on the screen as a flashlight or go to the full Settings menu.

Realme Watch 2 Pro, análisis y opinión
Swiping the screen up accesses the panel of available applications on the watch, while if you swipe to the right, different screens are displayed with the widgets of the main applications where you collect information on physical activity, sleep or heart rate, weather information, as well as the control of the music that is played from the smartphone.

It does not have NFC, which disables it to make payments from the mobile, a function especially useful when we talk about a smartwatch that is presented as a sports add-on.

GPS, good exercise monitoring, and a hassle-free app

One of the strengths of the realme Watch 2 Pro is that, unlike the Watch 2, it has built-in GPS that allows you to record training routes without relying on mobile.

The GPS works quickly and only takes a few seconds to position itself and start tracking once the activity has started, and it does so with a very narrow margin of error.

Realme Watch 2 Pro, análisis y opinión
On the other hand, the recording of activities and vital signs is quite accurate thanks to the combination of heart rate sensor and SpO2 that work hand in hand to obtain a measurement of sleep capable of differentiating the different phases.

The heart rate measurement can be customized to make it automatically measure pulses over different time spans, but the same cannot be done with the pulse oximeter that will only measure oxygen saturation in the blood on demand.

As far as the registration of activities is concerned, the truth is that, despite having a fairly basic operating system that does not allow you to install third-party apps, it does a very good job including up to 90 different sports activities and allowing you to configure a shortcut from the clock to the 15 most common.

Realme Watch 2 Pro, análisis y opinión
Among them, we find gym activities, such as stationary bike, elliptical, fitness, lumbar, etc., along with other outdoor or team sports such as football, basketball, or tennis. In short, a very complete and varied catalog in which it is difficult not to find your sport.

The record of steps, distances, and times during training has been very similar to what we have obtained with the Huawei Watch GT 2e – we analyze it here – which we use as a control device.

Realme Watch 2 Pro, análisis y opinión
The watch does not have an automatic activity detection system so, if you do not manually activate the training routine when you start it, it will only record it as an everyday activity and not as a workout. This feature should not be missing from any watch with sports monitoring aspirations.

It does register pauses correctly, although it does not stop logging. It is only limited to vibrating indicating that you must continue with the training or finish it.

We liked that other functions can be used while recording workouts, although it is limited to controlling the music that is played from the smartphone since the realme Watch 2 Pro does not have internal memory.

realme Watch 2 Pro, análisis y opinión
All the control and configuration of the smartwatch falls on the realme Link app, which works on iOS and Android that synchronizes with the smartwatch and is responsible for the graphical representation of the data recorded in training and, well, in the day to day in general.

In the app, we find different sections in which graphs and information about heart rate, oxygen saturation in blood, sleep data, or an activity report are offered, but this information is not broken down beyond creating history with the results, nor does it reach the depth that we find in the applications of other manufacturers such as Fitbit, Huawei or Samsung.

realme Watch 2 Pro, análisis y opinión

In addition, this data is only synchronized when the application is opened and not in the background, so when we open it we will have to wait a few seconds until the data transfer is completed to start using it.

This need for "manual" synchronization also plays against the usability of the smartwatch. If it is not done at least once a day, the clock will stop displaying the weather information, to give an example.

Realme Watch 2 Pro, análisis y opinión
From realme Link, you can customize the watch face, configure notifications and enable warnings so that, for example, the watch warns you every hour and a half that you must drink water or move.

In short, it is an app that allows you to carry a basic control to start an active and healthy rhythm of life, but it does not offer enough depth of data and records for those who aspire to take their workouts to another level of intensity.

7 days of actual use without giving up anything

Autonomy is a fundamental factor for any wearable and takes on special relevance in a smart sports watch. Nobody likes the clock to leave you hanging in the middle of a sports activity.

In this case, the realme Watch 2 Pro features an integrated 390 mAh battery that, according to realme, gives for 14 days of use.

In our case, with a screen brightness of between 40 and 60%, email notifications, calls, and several messaging apps activated, hydration reminders activated, and about 4 sports sessions with GPS a week, we have achieved 7 and a half days of use.

Needless to say, by reducing the number of notifications, weekly sports activities, or adjusting the brightness of the screen to a minimum, it would not cost to reach that promised 14 days but sacrificing much of the operation of the watch.

The realme Watch 2 Pro uses a USB magnetic charger to recover its charge. With only 29 minutes you reach 50% of your charge, enough to run for several days. As it approaches 100% of its capacity, the load slows down to 116 minutes it will take to complete the process.

An affordable option for those who want to get started, but fall short in connectivity

We come to the end of this analysis of the realme Watch 2 Pro with the feeling that realme has had too many things left in the inkwell to stand out above its direct opponents.

Yes, the Watch 2 Pro leaves us with a larger screen and incorporates GPS, but it does so with an LCD screen and without including basic functions in a smart sports watch such as automatic brightness, automatic activity recognition, or NFC.

Realme Watch 2 Pro, análisis y opinión

These shortcomings place it more at the level of a quantification bracelet with a large screen than at the height of a sports smartwatch.

Its price also does not help to place it in a prominent position in a segment in which competition is increasingly fierce and prices more competitive.