‎Scientists gave drone system 'brains' to detect unusual behavior‎

Czech Scientists Give 'Brains' to Drone System to Detect Abnormal Behaviour  - HAMARA BHARAT

Law enforcement agencies around the world are taking advantage of technology to equip themselves to prevent crimes or improve their response time. Most of them are deploying drones to monitor large groups of people or large areas of interest with limited manpower. Although very useful, this technique is limited in one aspect: the ability to decide whether and what is not normal. They can only relay the footage to their handler who will decide whether action is to be taken. Hence, a group of Czech scientists decided to give these machines the ability to detect suspicious behavior. They claim they have developed a monitoring system that analyses drone footage similar to the human brain.‎

‎Developed as a joint research program between the Brano University of Technology and the Police of the Czech Republic, the new system uses neural networks to decode data. Scientists said that apart from monitoring and crowd control, it can also be used for traffic management.‎

‎David Best, a new graduate from the university's It Faculty of Information Technology, explained how he and his colleagues have developed the system. He explained that ‎‎radio Prague international's‎‎ ‎‎free core‎‎ footage has been divided into small "cells". The system then analyzes and installs a normal picture of what is happening. It then develops a model of standard behavior in the given environment and then compares discrepancies, if any, to report to the supervisor.‎

‎The great advantage of this system is that it learns and executes the program in real-time, thereby removing the possibility of significant time loss in developing policy responses.‎

‎During the tests, scientists asked the system to inspect football players on a pitch. Some of them were suddenly asked to lie down on the ground. According to the report, the system immediately alerted the supervisor about the discrepancy.‎

‎But there can be so many aberrations in the crowd as everyone is expected to behave differently. So Bažout and his team have given the system observer the option to set the sensitivity level.‎

‎Czech police will now reportedly launch their own tests to see the efficiency of the system, with the hope that it will allow its officers to reach a scene much faster.‎

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